How to clean overcoats

Model 4 wearing a Black Dry Wax Coat from Samuel Windsor

Check the care label before washing your wax coat
Image source: Dry Wax Jacket from Samuel Windsor

If you’ve been putting off sprucing up your coat or jacket, you’re far from alone. People worry that if they put their coat in the washing machine, they’ll ruin it. And forking out for dry cleaning is expensive. But with the correct technique and detergent, many coats are perfectly washable – here’s how.
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How to care for a wool suit

Learn from the best British butlers of yesteryear

Learn from the best British butlers of yesteryear
Image source: J Walters

Dry cleaning chemicals damage your suit’s natural fibres, so the less often you take it to the cleaners, the longer it will last. To help add years to the lifespan of your formal wear, here’s our guide to how to care for a wool suit.

Inspired by the butlers and batmen of yesteryear, these simple but effective techniques work just as well today as they did during the days of empire.
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How to read a care label

Here’s how to decode your clothing’s care labels to keep them looking their best
Image: Shutterstock

It’s true that in this day and age, every man should be well acquainted enough with garment care labels to know the difference between a “boil wash” and a “do not tumble dry”. But leaving recriminations to one side, here’s our guide to what the symbols on clothes labels really mean.

All you need to know for when you’re one-on-one with the washing machine.
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