How to clean overcoats

Model 4 wearing a Black Dry Wax Coat from Samuel Windsor

Check the care label before washing your wax coat
Image source: Dry Wax Jacket from Samuel Windsor

If you’ve been putting off sprucing up your coat or jacket, you’re far from alone. People worry that if they put their coat in the washing machine, they’ll ruin it. And forking out for dry cleaning is expensive. But with the correct technique and detergent, many coats are perfectly washable – here’s how.
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How to stop jumpers from bobbling

Burgundy Fisherman's jumper from Samuel Windsor

Keep jumpers in great condition by preventing unsightly bobbles
Image source: Fisherman’s jumpers from Samuel Windsor

You’ve found the perfect jumper – in a style and colour that suits you down to the ground. There’s only one thing that can scupper your plans for casual elegance and that’s the dreaded pilling or bobbling effect.

You know what we mean – those irritating little bobbles of fuzz which appear around the armpits of men’s jumpers – swiftly turning chic into shabby. Whether you want to remove existing bobbles or protect a new jumper from bobbling in the future, we’ve got you covered.
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How to iron trousers

Find out how to get razor-sharp creases in your suit trousers with this video from Samuel Windsor

Find out how to get razor-sharp creases in your suit trousers
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Smartly pressed trousers with a crisp centre crease are essential if you’re wearing a tailored suit. While trousers can easily look wrinkled, especially if you’re caught out in the rain, it’s incredibly simple to give them a quick press and return them to pristine condition. Ironing isn’t your forte? Once you’ve watched our video and learned a few easy tricks, you’ll look razor-sharp again in no time.

Check out the short video below for some quick and easy tips on ironing trousers…
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