How to boldly go – bald

man inspecting hair

Going bald? Denial or panic are common initial responses.
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The first time a friend or relative points out your thinning pate, no man alive can deny the stomach-swooping feeling: Who me? Bald? Men pretend to be fine with baldness – until it happens to them.

A surfeit of hairs in the sink or shower plughole? Shedding onto the pillow? Maybe you’re losing it. As Man for Himself says: “For a lot of men, they either go into denial or they panic. Neither will help.”

Nobody can stop themselves going bald, here’s how to take it like a man.
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How to choose a watch: the ultimate guide

Rolex watch

A quality classic watch could become a family heirloom
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Want to buy a watch but don’t know where to start? With so many styles, movements and price tags, watch-buying can be a confusing business.

Never fear. If you’re wondering how to choose the perfect watch, we’ve consulted some of the UK’s greatest online horology experts to help you buy your next timepiece.
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