How to create the perfect family heirloom

black and gold cane

Image source: Mark Allen
A family heirloom to lean on

Are you looking to create a legacy that can be passed down from generation to generation? An heirloom is the perfect way of bottling your family history and memories and handing them to your ancestors to cherish.

We all like to think we’ll be remembered when we’re gone. Our actions, words, and relationships are our intangible and individual legacy. But alongside our personal impact, it’s good to have a physical object that encapsulates our essence and give our family members something to hold on to. Here’s how to pick the perfect piece for the job.

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How to carry off Velvet in style

man at tailor with velvet suit

Image source: Men Style Fashion
Vibrant velvet

Have you always thought velvet is too glitzy for you? Too Liberace-esque and so best left in the closet?

Think again because this suave and swanky fabric is too good to keep under lock and key. But to look good in velvet means wearing it right. Here’s how to look super sharp in this most luxurious of fabrics.

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How to choose the right jacket

velvet jacket

Image source: Samuel Windsor
This man chose the right jacket!

What’s your favourite jacket? Do you prefer the traditional look of tweed or are you more comfortable in classic leather?

If you’ve got an occasion to go to, it can be tricky to know which style to wear. Here’s our guide to choosing well.
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