10 ways to look the part at the office


confident colourful businessman

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Colours and confidence help you stand out from the crowd

Wearing the same grey suit as the rest of your office is perfectly inoffensive, but it’s also pretty boring. Who says you can’t have a bit of sartorial fun whilst still looking smart? If you want to swap drab for distinctive, check out our top 10 tips below.

It might even benefit your career and help you earn more money. As Antonio Centeno points out:

“In the high-turnover corporate world, the last thing a man wants is to seem easily replaceable, but that’s exactly what looking like everyone else does.”

You’re bound to find inspiration for your individuality here…

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Techwear: Growing shoes, anti-ball crushing trousers & more…

Woman with tech clothes on

Fashion goes futuristic!

According to the weird and wonderful sci-fi films of the 1980s we should all be driving hover cars by now and living in floating cities high in the sky. This isn’t the reality of life in 2015 though.

So where are the hover boards and futuristic cities? Well, maybe too much of the inventive thinking has gone into designing clothes that were once the stuff of fantasy. Spray-on clothes and expanding shoes are far more useful than a floating metropolis right?

Time to enjoy some futuristic window shopping.

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4 ways to be more gentlemanly


Doff your hat to style and manners

Is chivalry dead? Is the day of the smart dressed man at an end? Should we all burn our ties in a street parade?

The answer to all of this is no. Ok, things aren’t as formal as they used to be, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t act like gentlemen, and it certainly doesn’t mean we can’t dress smart.

So, just how do you make yourself more gentlemanly?

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