How to make leather soles less slippery and other wet weather tips

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Comfortable, breathable, long lasting and good looking – just some of the reasons why leather shoes never fade from fashion. But how, I hear you ask, do you prevent slippery soles from landing you on your backside the first time there’s rain or frost?

Here’s how to make sure you don’t turn turtle in bad weather – a plethora of ways to make leather soles less slippery, plus how to weatherproof and look after your shoes so they keep your feet dry and toasty for years to come.

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Father of the bride – what to wear

father of the bride suit

The father of the bride sets the standard for attire
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Many families opt for uniformity when planning their wedding attire, hiring morning suits from companies like Moss Bros. While it’s true that this can be a good look, others prefer to define their own style. If that’s you, you can afford to be a little more flamboyant than usual, after all, it’s the best day of your daughter’s life. Here’s what to wear to her wedding.
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Oxford vs Derby Shoes

Leather shoes

The Oxford and Derby are both design classics
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What’s the difference between Oxford and Derby shoes? If you’re drawing a blank then you’re probably not alone. Similar but not the same, as Modern Gentleman points out, it’s important to know your Oxfords from your Derbys because, “these classic leather men’s shoes will form the foundation of your men’s style wardrobe”.

Here’s how to tell them apart.
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