007 ways to afford the Bond look

bond in sunglasses

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The epitome of cool

Men around the world aspire to James Bond’s sophisticated style and unmistakable elan, but are put off by the costs involved. Like crafty Q, we have found a smart way to solve this problem.

While the costs of Tom Ford suits, Aston Martins and high-end Omega watches remains outrageously high, here are 007 ways to afford the Bond style for less.

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Formal shoes for Christmas do’s

Slippers and bad novelty jumpers are perfectly acceptable attire in December. But it’s not a great look outside the realms of your own home.

For many, the festive season is jam-packed with parties and formal dinners. And whilst slippers might be comfy, suave they are not!


They must be toasting festive cheer
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So let’s find out what formal shoes are best to pair with your party finery this festive season.


brown oxford shoes

Brown shoes can be formal

Easily identified by the plain toe cap and the lace eyelets hidden under the leather, the Oxford is without doubt the classic shoe. It’s simple, undecorative design makes it a great all purpose option and a great addition to any wardrobe.

If versatility is your priority, opt for a black pair, as they will go with a whole host of formal outfits. Alternatively brown shoes work too, just make sure you don’t go too light. Tan, for example, is best avoided for very formal events.

Still need convincing? James Bond is often seen in Oxford shoes, and with the amount of black tie events he attends, they must be a good option!


Quarter brogue

For a simple look, go for a quarter brogue

The decorative brogue comes in many shapes and sizes. Whilst it might be tempting to go for a jazzy two-tone, it’s best to stick to simpler, single shade pairs for really formal occasions.

Semi brogues or quarter brogues have less of the decorative perforations that make a brogue a brogue, so if you’re worried about looking too laid back, go for these.

If you do want to wear a full brogue then consider wearing trousers that stop around the ankle. If you are going to wear decorative shoes, you may as well show them off.


Monk shoes on backgammon bored

A game of backgammon anyone?

Looking to add a dash of panache to your formal festival outfit? Go for a pair of monk shoes. The flamboyant buckle and strap add character, whilst the slim silhouette – befitting of a Derby or Gibson – means they work well with a suit

If you want to wear a bolder colour, such as burgundy, then a dark navy suit will go well. You could even go for a different suit fabric, such as velvet.

But as usual, when wearing a wool suit for a formal event, black is often the best option.

Black loafer

Black loafer

Loafers don’t have to be lazy

A black loafer may not be everyone’s idea of a classic formal shoe; traditionally, slip on footwear is on the casual end of the style spectrum. But if worn correctly, a classic loafer can fit formal occasions.

A buckled loafer is the best option for formal wear, as they are showy and less casual. Unlike when wearing a loafer casually, socks should be worn. As long as they are stylish, without being silly, it doesn’t matter what socks they are.

So if you do have a Christmas party to go to, and you’re worried about what shoes to wear, know that there are plenty of options available. Just avoid jumpers with Santa on at all costs and wear black Oxford shoes if you’re still unsure!

How to wear brown shoes

Bored of black? Well it’s time to jump on the brown shoe bandwagon. This versatile colour will update your outfits and inject some style into your winter wardrobe.

With so many opinions surrounding this wonderful shade, it can be tricky working out how to wear brown shoes. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up the rules and created a mini style guide, so you can be the best brown wearer in town.

The golden rule

Brown shoes and black trousers

What do you think?
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You’ve probably heard that black and brown is a colour combination from hell. The reason being that the contrast between the two shades isn’t different enough, so it just looks like a mismatch.

And as black suits are a popular with many men, brown shoes often can’t be worn. But as we’ll learn, you can’t discount the colour combination entirely.

The golden rule

You’ve probably heard that black and brown is a colour combination from hell. The reason being that the contrast between the two shades isn’t different enough, so it just looks like a mismatch.

And as black suits are a popular with many men, brown shoes often can’t be worn. But as we’ll learn, you can’t discount the colour combination entirely.


Brown over black

Brown trumps black

When deciding upon your formal attire, you should first of all pick your suit colour, as this will impact what shoes you can wear.

Formal events and black outfits go hand in hand, but an all black ensemble isn’t the most inspiring. To shake things up a bit introduce a lighter shade, such as brown, by way of your shoes. This will brighten up your interest whilst still remaining formal.

You could also consider extending your brown look to your entire suit. Whilst often overlooked, brown suits have a certain vintage charm, and look great paired with a pair of classic brown shoes.

If you’d rather stick a shade closer to the classic black suit, why not try grey or navy? Both colour options look great teamed with tan brown shoes.

Smart casual


On his way to the office we can presume

The popular heritage look is great for smart casual events. Try teaming a traditional check tweed jacket with a pair of mid toned brown brogues.

Brown Chelsea boots are another great option for a smart casual heritage look. Wear with plain moleskin trousers and a check shirt – just don’t combine black and brown!

If heritage isn’t your style, try some lightweight Derbies in suede. Light coloured linen and darker tan shoes make a great summer look, and in the winter Oxfords can be swapped for Derbys for a more relaxed look.


Stylish brown shoes with black trousers

See how the loafers break the rule
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This is where the golden rule can be broken.

Loafers are a classic example of a casual shoe, and if you’re wondering how to wear loafers, then think about matching a brown pair with black trousers. You may want to match your belt with your shoes, to make clear your colour choice was intentional!

If you want to stick to our golden rule, then a pair of brown chunky work boots is a practical choice for the winter, and looks stylish teamed with a pair of chinos.

And for the summer months, a pair of brown deck shoes goes well with lightly shaded chino shorts. A tucked in shirt and a belt will finish things off nicely.

So if you were previously a devotee of black shoes then hopefully you have been swayed by the ways of brown. And if you’re a stickler for rules, then we can only apologise for the loafer suggestion, but we just think it looks good.