Celebrity chicks in Chelsea boots

The Chelsea boot is the latest wardrobe essential for stylish women.

Female fashionistas are wearing the boots with a short hemline or figure-hugging jeans. Transforming the traditionally male boot into a truly feminine fashion.

Still not sure, then check out our gallery of hot celebrities in mens Chelsea boots.

Chelsea boots, black cabs and bacon baps — Great British exports

With terrible weather, the huff and puff about recession and a tendency to moan about everything, it’s a wonder why millions of tourists still visit Britain each year. Or is it?

Keeping the ‘Great’ well and truly connected to ‘Britain’ is what gives visitors pukka British products and experiences to take away.

Here’s a taste of some great unofficial British exports:

Bacon baps

bacon bap

The Great British breakfast goes mobile
Photo: Joe Gough – Bigstockphoto

For the more health conscious tourists, there’s porridge, cereals or a lovely slice of toast, but sometimes you need to submit to the grease.

Known to turn veggies and stop traffic, the Great British fry-up has built empires. And for those on the move or after something just a little bit lighter, the bacon bap offers the true taste of Britain.

Black cabs

London black cabs

The King of Cabs – London Taxis
Photo: Tomas K

There are taxis and then there’s the black cab. Right up there with the red bus as an iconic symbol of London, the black cab is a durable, hard-working beast, but still manages to always look smart and dignified.

Keep calm and carry on — is a fitting motto for the black cab.

Chelsea boots

chelsea boots

The classic British boot
Photo: Samuel Windsor

Among the huge selection of iconic shoes created in Britain, Chelsea boots step into the limelight as the soul of Great Britain.

Created in the inventive Victorian era, Chelsea boots are flexible, robust and stylishly conservative — just like the population.

Sunday lunches

Sunday Roast

Sensational Sunday roast
Photo: Chris Elwell – Bigstockphoto

Filled with random things like dartboards, whippets and pork scratchings, British pubs are a truly memorable experience for tourists.

Throw in a roast beef and horseradish lunch, the Sunday newspapers and a game of rugby or football on the telly and it don’t get much greater.


Beautiful British countryside

Beautiful British countryside
Image Source: Shutterstock

Whether it’s the Highlands of Scotland, the valleys of Wales or the coastlines of Cornwall, Great Britain’s dramatic countryside is arguably the most beautiful in the world.

And the small villages and rural communities around these areas offer some great British novelties like Morris dancing, caber-tossing and a taste of Welsh rarebit.

Great music

Great Britain is still top of the pops

Great Britain is still top of the pops
Image source: BigAlBaloo

From the Rolling Stones to Radiohead, from PJ Harvey to PJ and Duncan, nowhere in the world has produced such an incredibly impressive wealth and variety of music talent.

Compare Great Britain to a country of relative size like New Zealand and it’s quite astonishing just how much brilliant music has been created.

Fortune favours Chelsea boots

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea Boots

Donald Trump, Richard Branson and Bill Gates are three of the wealthiest men in the world. So we’re guessing that they all have a pair of Chelsea boots, hidden somewhere in one of their many wardrobes. Why? Well, Chelsea boots are synonymous with hitting the jackpot and making a fortune.

Queen Victoria

The affluent surroundings of the British monarchy are where the money trail begins, when in 1837, J Sparkes-Hall (Queen Victoria’s bootmaker) invented the Chelsea boot.

If you’re not familiar with Queen Victoria, she’s the one who used to own more land than Mother Nature, and reputably liked to take a daily walk in a pair of Chelsea boots.


“We’re sitting on a goldmine!” was a sentence heard many times when the original Australian prospectors were searching for the heavy stuff.

More than a handful struck rich whilst wearing the fortune-enhancing Chelsea boot. So it should be no surprise, the design has been adopted by workmen ‘down-under’ ever since.

The Beatles

The Beatles went from jamming in a garage to selling out stadiums around the globe in no time.

And under every mega successful, globally iconic, super wealthy pop star is naturally a pair of Chelsea boots.

Chelsea Footballers

Nestled in the affluent West End of London, and owned by a chairman with a reputed personal fortune of £8.4billion – Chelsea Football Club is filthy rich.

With players being paid up to six figure salaries, per week, we’re sure they are happy to wear boots for Chelsea.

David Beckham

Everything this modern King Midas touches (or kicks) turns to gold. So there’s really no surprise that he’s nicknamed Goldenballs.

He’s also a big fan of Chelsea boots. Obviously.


If like Darth Vader, you ruled the galaxy and owned a yacht bigger than a planet, you could pretty much claim the colour black for yourself too.

Meaning your personal army of Stormtroopers are forced to wear the finest footwear sprayed a nice shade of white.

Seems Chelsea boots are making a mint throughout the universe. They’re worth a flutter, so get involved.