What are country brogues?

what are country brogues

Ready to embrace the country way?

Brogues have become the shoe for stylish folk. But are there any other types of brogues you could be missing out on?

The answer could be yes. You could well be missing out on the wonderful world of country brogues.

Not sure what they are? Well read on…

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4 ways to be more gentlemanly


Doff your hat to style and manners

Is chivalry dead? Is the day of the smart dressed man at an end? Should we all burn our ties in a street parade?

The answer to all of this is no. Ok, things aren’t as formal as they used to be, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t act like gentlemen, and it certainly doesn’t mean we can’t dress smart.

So, just how do you make yourself more gentlemanly?

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Four stylish Samuel Windsor chaps

Four head turning looks 2

So many shoes!

The world of social media is awash with fashionable folk.

From vintage shots on Instagram to entire Google+ communities, it isn’t hard to find a well dressed chap, strutting their stuff in the name of style.

After sorting through image after image of fashionable folk, we narrowed it down to these four stylish chaps, all sporting Samuel Windsor shoes.

Here are those head turning people.

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