What brogue?

Samuel Windsor Brogues come in a choice of styles, colours and materials.

Brogues come in a choice of styles, colours and materials.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Brogues are formal, semi-formal, and smart casual shoes which boast decorative perforations. Originally, the holes were designed to keep Scottish ghillies’ (gamekeepers) feet comfortable by allowing water to drain freely as they strode across the boggy highlands. During the 1930s, the then Prince of Wales – later Edward VIII – popularised the shoe by adopting it as part of his golfing wardrobe. 

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How to wear men’s brogues

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Brogues are an essential accessory for the discerning gent.
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Stylish shoes are a necessity for any fashionable gent, and men’s brogues are the masters of style. They’re the classically cool shoes worn by gangsters in the Untouchables, and celebrity cads like Jude Law.

Not sure when or how to wear men’s brogues? Here’s a quick answer:

For formal wear, keep to a single dark colour, ideally black. Opt for a more conservative semi or quarter brogue and make sure they’re polished. For smart casual anything goes. Be bold and try a two tone, full brogue. Or for a more subtle yet sophisticated look, a pair of brown suede brogues are perfect.

For more detailed style advice and all you need to know about how to wear brogues, read on:
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How to wear brogue boots


Brogue boots are smart enough to wear with a suit, but they also dress down well
Image source: Roguesnbrogues

Brogue boots are one of the most versatile footwear choices around. Choose black and they’re easily smart enough to wear with a suit. Go for brown and you’ll look the business in tweed. For a funky weekend vibe, twin your brogue boots with slim fit jeans or chinos and a bomber jacket. Confused? Here’s your guide to looking the business in brogue boots.
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