A chat with London’s finest shoe shiner!


Image source: Twitter
Romi Topi in action!

Not only do we love our shoes here at Samuel Windsor, but we also love looking after them.

So to give us more of an insight into the world of shoe care, we spoke to the wonderful Romi Topi, owner and operator of Shoe Shine Service Ltd.

After coming to the UK from Albania, he learnt the lingo, set up a business, and it’s still going strong. Found in London’s Burlington Arcade, he’s the chap to go to for all your shoe shining needs. We have video evidence to prove it!

But first, let’s see what Romi has got to say.

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5 style rules you should break


Image source: Saffluence
More colour than an artist’s easel

Some rules should be followed, some should be bent and some should be flagrantly broken.

We aren’t talking about things that get you in prison or in trouble with neighbours, we are talking style rules.

They may be there to stop you making any style boo boos, or indeed to keep you looking cool, but we think some are rules for rules sake!

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6 DIY SOS tricks for your clothes


Image source: PPD
Make do and mend.

When you come across something in your wardrobe that’s looking shabby, it can be tempting to consign it to the bin or drop it off at the charity shop.

But if the pills on your sweaters have got pills, or the soles are coming away on your best pair of smart black shoes, please don’t do anything hasty.

Instead, try one of these great DIY SOS tricks to breathe new life into your old favourites – they might just have years of use left in them yet.

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