Behind the scenes at Samuel Windsor

Empty photographic studio ready for shoot

What goes on behind the lens? Image: Shutterstock

There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes here at Samuel Windsor. Some of it we like to show off, such as our shoes and clothing, while some of it, we like to keep hidden, like sneaky trips to the local ice cream parlour!

But sharing is caring, so for the first time ever, we’ve collated some of the fun and funky goings on behind the scenes on our photo shoots.

So first of all, let’s go down to Suffolk.

Chris shows off in his rather nice office

Beautiful morning at my office 😎 @samuelwindsoruk #model #posing #hardlife

A photo posted by Chris Walters (@chriswalters_1) on

Chris Walters is a regular face in our collections, and we appreciate his talents. We’re not 100% sure whether we liked this photo though, as it was a rather rainy day here in Brecon when he posted it!

Nevertheless, it’s great to see that we picked a cracking location for the shoot, and that the sun stayed out for some superb photos.

You’ll get to see them soon!

The South African team

The ties between the UK and South Africa are well documented. You only need to look our cricket team for proof of that! We also like to help keep the bond strong, and that’s why we send our models over there for photos. With predictable weather, and some highly skilled people there, it’s a great location for summer catalogues.

Here’s the team at the end of the shoot, not exactly wearing the Samuel Windsor gear you’d come to expect, but happy with a job well done.

Not sure about that Man City top though…

When things don’t go to plan…

It’s easy to forget the amount of work that goes into making our catalogues, and pictures like this really bring it home. When the van gets stranded, you can’t always call the AA. After all, clothes need to be photographed!

The trip to the ice cream parlour…

Sadly, my colleagues decided that this photo wasn’t right for the blog.

I think it’s just because they were shirking off at lunch and didn’t want the boss to see!

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