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Some of the best male fashion blogs from across the pond
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Developing your own individual sense of style isn’t as difficult as you might think. While few of us can hire a professional stylist – who needs one when there are fashion gurus from all over the world sharing their wisdom online. And don’t imagine it’s all aimed at label-loving youngsters. There’s plenty of advice here for gentlemen who favour a more considered and sophisticated style.

Here are 14 of the most inspirational men’s fashion and lifestyle blogs from America. We’re not talking baseball hats and Homer Simpson. These are Ivy League all the way!

I am Galla


A sense of dress that’s “hot off the press”

West coast aesthetic meets East coast verve – I am Galla is one of the most exciting mens clothes blogs we’ve discovered. Twinning an electric-blue three-piece with a khaki trench coat, blogger Adam Gallagher creates a look that harks back to the snappy-dressing newsmen of the 1940s, and steps it up a notch.

Asked for his source of inspiration, Adam Gallagher says “the past”, which is all very well, but without a certain ingredient, it’s just more of the same. That ingredient? Creativity – a quality this blogger possesses in spades. Check out Adam’s post on looking like his dad – who knew the old man could be so stylish?

The Modest Man


Shorter men look great in suspenders

Have you been forced to buy “Pants that fit around the waist but are way too long”? If so, blogger Brock at The Modest Man feels your pain. At 5’6” he’s well acquainted with the shortcomings of off the rack clothing for smaller men.

As Brock says, “alas, we cannot make ourselves taller”, but there’s a lot you can do to make sure you look your best. Like switching your belt for suspenders when you’re wearing your suit. By eliminating a horizontal line across your middle, you maximize the vertical. There’s a wealth of advice here for any man who wants to look his best.

The Gentleman’s Gazette


Learn how to handle a whiskey tasting

You’d be forgiven for wondering what part coffee grounds play in whisky tasting. The secret is revealed in The Gentleman’s Gazette: How else would you refresh your sense of smell between single malts?

“We help men become gentlemen and look the part” says the Gazette – a big claim but but one that site founder Raphael and the team well and truly deliver on. From making sure your pants fit to being the perfect wedding guest, the Gentleman’s Gazette makes sure you’ve got it covered.

Real Men Real Style


Antonio at work

“Is something holding you back?” asks Antonio Centeno of Real Men Real Style. If so, perhaps it’s the “soft skill of your personal image.” As a former US marine, Antonio knows the importance of outward appearance in establishing rank and seniority, a factor that applies to civilian life too – personal presentation matters.

How well do you know your shirts? It’s all in the fabric says Antonio – different shirts say different things about you. Let him help you decipher dress codes so you can get ahead.

Bespoke Unit

bespoke unit

Founder Paul Anthony – an Englishman in NYC

The Chelsea boot “is one of the smartest investments a man can make in his wardrobe” according to the Bespoke Unit team. But more than just a fashion blog – this is a resource that aims to help gentlemen ‘improve their style, broaden their horizons, and live their best lives.’

So, if you are a fan of the ‘brown vices’ (cigars and whiskey), want to know the best places around the world to have a cocktail, fancy a trying out a new beard, or want to nail the best suit for your height and body shape, this is the place to come. One of the most comprehensive websites for modern men with classic manners.


Style advice for this autumn

Autumn’s almost here, which, as far as the guys at Dappered are concerned, is great because it’s their favorite season for men’s style. “Fall was made for boots,” they say. We love the Woolrich Yankee boots featured on the site – full grain leather, and made in the US too.

A rich repository of style knowledge, tips and advice on everything from ways to deal with perspiration to how to dress for a vacation in the mountains, check out what else you can look forward to wearing this fall.



The ultimate accessory – an electric truck

Fed up with bad hair days? You need to switch up your shampoo say the guys at Valet. Thinning hair? Try Port Products Botanical Protein Complex Shampoo. Late riser? You’ll need a splash of mint to revitalize your follicles. Check out the post to find out more about looking after your hair.

In fact, whatever your style needs, Valet is packed full of features and advice for the 21st century gentleman. From your own personal shopper to advice on how to treat sore muscles, Valet has it all. Looking for new wheels? Take a look at Bollinger Motors’ electric truck – it’s stunning.

Effortless Gent


The lean wardrobe

If you’ve got too many clothes, feel you have the wrong clothes, or just can’t settle on your signature style, you should consider building yourself a lean wardrobe, says Barron, the man and the mind behind Effortless Gent.

Justin did. Find out how the 6’8” school teacher revolutionized the way he looks by following Barron’s simple style advice. Justin says: “Comparing where I am now to where I was…is night and day.” We think you’ll agree, he looks awesome.



Elegance on the Concour d’Elegance

“From the office to date-night and beyond, a perfectly tailored suit jacket is essential,” says Cody, the man behind Hellohis, a branch of Hello Fashion Blog. He’s talking about his top five ways to slip effortlessly from work into the weekend.

From tips on home working – get stuff done early, to checking out the cars at Beverly Hills Concours d’Elegance, Cody’s style sense is “in the moment, laid back, functional and sharp”. If that sounds like the way you’d like to look, this is the site for you.

Royal Fashionist


Fitness and fashion advice

To look good, you’ve got to be healthy and lean, and that’s a lifetime deal says Royal Fashionist. It all starts with eating right – cooking with organic, unprocessed produce.

If you’re looking for fashion, lifestyle and fitness advice, then you could do far worse than taking note of what the pen behind the site, Youtube fitness guru Marcos de Andrade has to say. Looking for the perfect boots for fall, or wondering how you can ape Eddie Redmayne’s look? Check out this site – and ditch the sugar.

A Continuous Lean


Classic Harris tweed from Scotland

All the true tweed in the world comes from just three finishing houses on the Isle of Harris, Scotland. Follow A Continuous Lean’s David Coggins as he takes a trip to the home of tweed, and see what a bit of New York tailoring can do with a couple of metres of this superb, traditional cloth.

With its preference for quality, made in America pieces, this is a serious style site for anyone who values quality in the things they buy. You’ll also find lifestyle tips aplenty here, like: How to buy wine for value and drink for pleasure. Hint: “Establishing a rapport with a trustworthy sommelier is your best bet”.

Off the Cuff


Blazers are the epitome of preppy

“Dressing like you went to college with George Plimpton, Jack Kennedy, or Paul Newman provides a touch point for one’s style of dress,” writes Chris Hogan of Off the Cuff. He’s talking about the preppy look, the epitome of which is a good old navy blazer. Thinking of buying one? Let the guys at OTC give you the lowdown.

OTC say being a modern gentleman means having personality, intelligence and intellectual curiosity. Does that sound like you? If so, we recommend you take a look around their reading room.

Rule of Thumbs


Old school charm

Blue and brown is such an awesome combination – we think you’ll love the look. It’s just one of many ways by which Rule of Thumbs helps you build a wardrobe that oozes old-school sophistication.

A site of charm and substance, you’ll love the post about ways to wear bold colors without looking garish – it’s all about the little touches like pocket squares. Feeling blue? The guys at Rule of Thumb show you how to look sensational in navy this fall.

A Suitable Wardrobe


Leaving White House style behind

Of all the fashion accessories to go awry, blogger Frederick Schlatter of A Suitable Wardrobe says, it’s sunglasses people most often get wrong. He blames it on Hollywood, saying because film-makers rely on them so heavily to communicate “menace, nonchalance or loaferism…we most associate [them] with hucksters, heroes, villains and hustlers.”

The answer, Frederick says, is to look for subtle styles and smaller brands – “styles that aren’t quite so, well, Hollywood.” Good advice from a man who clearly knows his fashion eggs. You’ll love his take on President Obama’s retirement styling – impeccable style, witty and charming writing. What’s not to like?

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