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…and this is the blog post where we fought the dinosaurs…

Dads blog too. The parenting blogosphere sometimes feels like it’s dominated by mums, but there’s a fair smattering of chaps out there who like to record their thoughts on life and fatherhood.

Here’s a collection of some of the best male perspectives on parenting. Enjoy!

Mutterings of a fool

ben tipping

Ben Tipping – no fool, really

Boys are disgusting. Ben Tipping is a dad to two of them, plus a little girl called Matilda, so if anyone knows how revolting they can be it’s him:

“With two boys in the house this is only going to get worse isn’t it? Matilda is already perfecting her eye rolling whenever Henry does disgusting boy things”

What disgusting things? Well you’ll just have to check out Ben’s blog to find the answer. Ever heard of the “Quadzilla”? Clue: Here you’ll find news, views and reviews from a dad who not only blogs but runs…and runs…and runs… Interesting stuff – mutterings of a fool these are not.



Papatont – Tony’s journey through life, work and parenthood

Did you take to fatherhood like a duck to water? Or were you like dad and blogger Papa Tont who took a little longer to embrace family life? This is honest blogging at its best:

“I couldn’t believe the backlash that I received when I didn’t conform to the idea that fatherhood is a magical experience of non stop joy and wonderment.”

Of course the guy loves his wife and children – but life as a serving soldier, husband and father is an exercise in plate spinning that doesn’t always go to plan.Papa Tont tells it like it is – take his post about growing to love his son. Realising he was reflecting negative feelings about himself onto his little boy was a catalyst for personal change that’s truly inspiring.

Single Parent Dad

single parent dad

Single parent dad – bucking the school system!

Are you worried about SATs? This dad and blogger’s assessment of the the assessments – don’t be:

“In reality, they are a mechanism for pitting schools against one another, and for governments to manipulate data to provide excellent sound bites in parliament and in press briefings.”

Single Parent Dad was widowed in 2005, leaving him with a baby to look after. Now remarried, he blogs with authority on the realities of male single parenthood and life as a re-married father.

His approach to the helping his son Max through the tests – do your best but don’t sweat it. His advice to fellow fathers: “Beat the system before the system beats you dudes”.

Skint Dad

skint dad

Ricky Willis, king of the bargains

Skint Dad might be more accurately named the “comeback king”. Teetering on the brink of financial ruin, Ricky Willis, along with his wife and family made the decision to take control. This blog is a treasure trove for anyone who wants to take charge of their life and money. As Ricky writes:

“The core aim of this site is to enable you and your family to save money, increase your income and manage your finances.”

Interested in starting your own blog? Ricky can show you how to make yours pay. And what better teacher than someone who made over £3000 from Skint Dad in January?

Oh and if you want to know how to make the most of beef left over from the Sunday roast – Skint Dad is your man. Anyone for a beef pasty?

Slouching Towards Thatcham

slouching towards thatcham

Tim balances the private and public worlds carefully

How much detail about your family life should you share on your blog? That’s just one of the questions father of three, Tim asks. He exists in the grey area between anonymity and warts and all openness.

He says: “Nobody wants to read about someone else’s perfect life, right? But by sharing your less positive experiences, you could provide awareness, advice and a degree of solidarity for readers who are in similar situations.”

This is a thoughtful, thought provoking blog. Take Tim’s musings on grief and legacy. In the wake of the deaths of legends, David Bowie and Alan Rickman, he examines public and private grief and asks unflinching questions about what we, as average people leave behind:

“What about the rest of us? No matter how great or small, none of us is insignificant.” This blog has much to recommend it.

Surfer Dad

surfer dad

Surfer dad – takes his daughter to the water

And now for something completely different. This “diary of a wave starved father” is a must for anyone who hankers after the beach lifestyle. Surfer Dad loves his life with his girlfriend and young daughter in Cornwall, but sometimes would just “rather be surfing”.

Here you’ll find everything from the lowdown on the best surfer ever (Kelly Slater) to advice on buying your kid’s first surfboard – and everything in between.

Surfer Dad’s top advice for parents is: “Get your kids off the couch and into the water”. But even if you can’t get to the beach, there’s still plenty for you here. Like Surfer Dad’s post on the best surf novels around. Hint – Tim Winton’s ‘Breath’ is this blogger’s number one read.

Even if you don’t surf, you’ll still love this blog. It’s a no-holds-barred account of a life dedicated to family and surf – or should that be surf and family? A great blog Surfer Dad is a cracking read with some images that’ll take your breath away. Awesome stuff – dude!

The Dad Network

dad network

The Dad Network – bringing together dads from around the country

Discovering strong, confident parenthood is the cornerstone of this incredible blog resource. Written by dads for dads, it’s all about helping you to realise your potential as a father:

“For too long there has been a void in recognising the powerful potential in healthy, engaged fatherhood.”

This blog’s self described mission is to bridge that gap – and in our opinion, it does a pretty good job, tackling everything from the fight for dad-friendly baby-changing facilities to one dad’s first nappy changing experience:

“Was my baby real? Was she a leaking robot machine? Was this how the ancient city of Pompeii succumbed to utter annihilation? Panic.”

Multiple contributors, myriad subjects – this is a fantastic blog for dads.

The Dadventurer


Dave is a dad in a world of mummies

Did you get the right gifts together this Mother’s day? Struggle to get the gifts right not just for Mum but for Wife as well? Tasked with arranging the gift from young sons or daughters? You tread a tightrope over troubled waters – and this blog is for you.

Blogger Dave’s posts are fun and informative – and some some are guaranteed to keep you out of trouble! Note: Dave’s Mother’s Day gift suggestions are spot on. We particularly love his suggestions for making the most of online digital photo websites to create personalised gifts that pack an emotional punch.

Dadventurer is an account of: “life as a stay-at-home dad as I attempt to find my feet in a mummy-dominated world.” And as a resource for dads, we’re sure you’ll find it invaluable.

The Yorkshire Dad

yorkshire dad

Yorkshire dad – good, old-fashioned common sense

You may have been given some clothes for your newborn, but it’ll never be enough. So how do you go about getting what you need for the new baby in your life – and stay in budget? Yorkshire Dad has the answers.

His advice offers down to earth common sense. Hint: “coordinate with other parents in your locality and arrange a day for a clothes swap.

Life as a dad to two little boys is “manic” says this twenty something blogger. He says his blog is a way of sharing experiences and networking with other parents to become an even better father.

Check out the post about the best books for learning and development for some excellent early learning suggestions. What’ll it be? CBeebies’ Alphablocks or Numberjacks?

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