007 ways to afford the Bond look

bond in sunglasses

Bond is the epitome of cool
Image source: ShadesDaddyBlog

Men around the world aspire to James Bond’s sophisticated style and unmistakable elan, but are put off by the costs involved. Like crafty Q, we have found a smart way to solve this problem.

While the costs of Tom Ford suits, Aston Martins and high-end Omega watches remains outrageously high, here are 007 ways to afford the Bond style for less.

Follow suit

Black velvet dinner jacket from Samuel Windsor

Dressed to kill in a stylish dinner suit
Image source: Black velvet dinner jacket from Samuel Windsor

There has been a lot of hype about Daniel Craig’s wardrobe in Spectre. The limited edition Tom Ford suit he wears in the opening scenes, in particular, costs an arm and a leg. Just imagine if there was a quality Bond-esque dinner suit out there for under £150. Actually there is.

Keep watch

Alpha Omega Seamaster

Time for your mission, Mr Bond
Image source: DreamChrono Blog

The Omega Seamaster is the latest in a long line of iconic Bond watches. However, we’re talking upwards of £2,500 to tell the time. Fear not. The DreamChrono blog points to an homage to the Seamaster by Alpha watches nearer the £100 mark. Alternatively, try the Invicta and Skagen brands for bargains.

Riding high

Lotus Esprit S3

Image source: The Autoz
Not ready for the scrapyard just yet!

The total cost of mass car destruction in Spectre reached a record-breaking £24million. Ouch. But while the Aston Martin DB10 – seven of which perish in the latest film alone – may be out of reach, you can find affordable Bond cars on second-hand sites, with some going for under £1,500. It’s not unheard of for the iconic Lotus Esprit S3 (pictured) to come up for sale at under £9,000!

If none of these takes your fancy, go for big-engined BMWs and Jaguars over 12 years old and always in black. Amazing what you can find on eBay.

Find your feet

Samuel Windsor Prestige shoe

Image source: Samuel Windsor
Walk the walk

Most of the shoes worn by Bond in Spectre were designed by Crockett and Jones and range from £345 to £460. Feel free to deprive your children of Christmas presents this year and buy a pair for yourself. Or opt for a pair of these prestige shoes and remain incredibly popular at Christmas.

For your eyes only

Adam Gallagher

Image source: I Am Galla
Spies are shady characters

For that shady, smooth and spy-like look you’ll obviously need a pair of sunglasses. There are several stylish models that retail for much less than the actual ones worn in Spectre.

And with winter coming, you’ll be pleased to hear that Daniel Craig has brought back the turtleneck. Blogger, Matt Spaiser writes:

This look immediately recalls the 1973 film Live and Let Die, in which Roger Moore wears a black full turtleneck with black trousers and shoulder holster

The sunglasses-and-turtleneck combo is a must if you’re planning a skiing trip!

Go go gadget!

8GB High Definition Pen Camera

Image source: The Spy Shop
The pen is mightier than the sword

James always has a high-tech gadget or two at his disposal, from laser beam watches to X-ray sunglasses. There are actually many affordable real-life spy gadgets you can put on your Christmas list. How about a simple-yet-deceptive pen camera?

Taking the pistol

Walther PPK 1848

Image source: Wikipedia
Weapon of choice… best decommissioned

Obviously, gun laws in this country make the signature Walther PPK a big no-no – unless you’re buying a deactivated model, which – reassuringly – comes with a legal deactivation certificate. You can also simply familiarise yourself with the complete list of Bond’s arsenal.

The English Gentleman

Daniel Craig is arguably one of the luckiest men in the world. He gets to drive some of the best cars in the world and wear some of the most stylish clothes. But he isn’t a real spy. He just acts likes one.

You can dress like him for less but most important of all is to act the English gent with all his grace and good manners. That is fundamental to getting the Bond look for less – and it will cost you nothing.

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