5 menswear reasons to love the cold

thermometer in ice

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Have the great rains finally stopped? Here in Brecon, and in other parts of the UK, there have been small snow flurries, and gravity has won its battle with the mercury, albeit for a very small moment in time

With the “cold snap” comes many things. Newspapers warning of impending snow based doom, kids hoping for days off school because of said snow based doom, and of course, a change in how a gentleman decides to dress.

And in that change of wardrobe, are some wonderful things, that we’ll now begin to celebrate!

1. Leather gloves

Gloves Closeup

Lovely leather gloves!

When the cold comes, your fingers tend to feel it first. So, to stop your fingers turning blue, you may well opt for a pair of gloves, and that pair should be leather.

Sophisticated, understated and, most importantly warm, a pair of leather gloves is great for business, general casual wear and everything in between.

A word of warning, though. While leather gloves make day-to-day tasks easier than if you were wearing a pair of mittens, we can’t comment on how good they are for making and throwing snowballs. You will have to test that yourself.

2. Cosy scarves

samuel windsor lambswool scarf

Keep the wind chill out!

Yet another winter warmer, and one that offers more than just a practical way to stay cosy.

The impact that wind has on how warm we feel is often forgotten, but in short, it increases the rate at which skin loses heat. This is where the term “wind chill” comes from, and is why the Met Office give a “feels like” figure in their weather reports. How do you combat all this windy nastiness? Wear a scarf.

Meteorology aside, a scarf is a great way to add an extra level of interest to any outfit. Whether for business, or for a more laid back occasion, wearing a scarf offers a contrast in silhouette and in overall aesthetic to the rest of your outfit.

Just don’t leave it somewhere like on the back of a chair or on the overhead compartment of a train!

3. Slippers

samuel windsor mens mule outdoor slippers

Radiator, slippers, ahhhhh, bliss!

You’ve had a long hard day, it’s been cold, and all you want to do is put your feet up. Well, it’s even better when you can do that in a nice pair of cosy warm slippers.

Of course, they can be worn all year round, but the splendid feeling of comfort, in contrast to the frostiness of a cold day, makes slippers feel all that more special!

When the bins need doing, or you need to pop out to call for the cat to come in, then wear a pair of outdoor mule slippers, the most outdoorsy of indoor slippers.

4. Winter coats

Be it a quilted coat designed specially for warmth, or something a bit more classic, like a long tweed jacket, the winter is a great time to show off some outerwear.

Covert coats too, perfect for business, might not get much of an outing on warmer days, and they really do set off a suit quite well.

Whatever coat you wear, it’s important to remember what you aren’t wearing. And that is a waterproof jacket, normally designed for sport, or hiking. They might be practical in monsoons, but they don’t have the subtlety of colour or versatility of their more formal cousins. Nor are they as stylish So when it rains get an umbrella, and if not, hope for the temperature to drop. Any reason to wear a more classical coat is a good reason.

5. Layering

When you’ve got a ton of clothes, and not enough days to wear them all, you often wonder, “should I get rid of some?”

But when the winter weather, as in the frosty kind, does come, you can wear as much as you like. The wonderful world of winter layering, means flexibility, colour combinations and perhaps most importantly, warmth.

When the inevitable rain comes, you’ll be happy you’ve taken the practical route and layered up.. It gets warm, you lose a layer. Just know when to stop the process if you don’t want to end up in trouble!

And another thing…

Remember, if it is icy, then it is a very good idea indeed to go for shoes with rubber soles as opposed to the leather soles you probably normally wear. Yes, leather soles are the epitome of what makes mens leather shoes so popular, but come the frost, you’ll be like a toddler learning to ice skate for the very first time.

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