5 classic coats

Model 2 wearing a Covert Coat in Fawn from Samuel Windsor

The covert coat is a classic
Image: Covert Coat in Fawn from Samuel Windsor

As winter arrives with an icy blast, we take a look at five classic coats for men. These trusty designs are built to take on the worst of weather and come out on top, and all while keeping you warm and comfortable underneath. If you’re looking for an overcoat that’s smart, expertly tailored, and tough, here are five traditional favourites that’ll see you through to spring in timeless style.

1: Tweed long coat

Cranbourne Tweed Long Coat from Samuel Windsor

Tweed long coats offer rugged warmth and earthy tones
Image: Cranbourne Tweed Long Coat from Samuel Windsor

Hailing from the wilds of Scotland, tweed was originally the workwear of hardy Highland crofters. A rugged woollen fabric, its tough practicality combined with lovely muted hues of moss, heather and slate made it a great choice for the aristocratic hunting, shooting, and fishing set who soon incorporated it into their wardrobes.

Since then, tweed has become one of the smartest menswear choices you can make. From flat caps and slippers through to stunning three piece suits and overcoats, tweed takes you all the way from everyday casual through to stylishly formal.

Wear your tweed long coat over a matching waistcoat and soft, brushed cotton Tattersall shirt. Paired with cord or moleskin trousers, your tactile ensemble will ensure you’re warmly dressed and warmly received. Go for country brogue boots to complete the look.

2: Men’s trench coat 

Navy trench coat from Samuel Windsor

Trench coats offer a dapper urban look
Image: Navy trench coat from Samuel Windsor

Because trench coats and men’s suits take their style cues from military uniforms, they always work well together, getting you to and from your destination without compromising on style. Made from showerproof cotton, a trench coat offers decent weather protection during sudden squalls.

Trench coats have changed only a little in style over the past 100 years – formal versions are usually designed to fit over a suit jacket and feature concealed buttons, luxury lining and wide collars.

Going for a casual look? The trench coat works here too – try a style that features a contrasting fabric collar, like corduroy, and pair with moleskins and a crew neck sweater. A pair of Chelsea boots plus a snazzy scarf sees you tackle the winter streets in style.

3: Men’s covert coat

Brown Covert Coat from Samuel Windsor

The covert coat was originally designed for hunting
Image: Brown Covert Coat from Samuel Windsor

Originally designed as a robust overcoat for hunters on horseback, covert coats still feature the central vent that made them comfortable for wear in the saddle. They’ve also retained another classic feature – parallel stitching on the cuffs and hems which stopped the fabric tearing when snagged on thorns and branches.

Always single breasted, a covert coat looks great worn over a suit and, with its all-wool construction and cosy velvet collar, it really comes into its own when the thermometer plunges. Though great for wearing to work, a smart casual vibe might see you wear your covert coat over a tweed jacket and cords.

A covert coat is heavy, hardy, and above all – warm. If you’re attending a winter outdoor event like race day or a rugby match, this is a perfect outer layer.

4: Classic three-quarter length wool coat

Samuel Windsor Cashmere-Mix Coat

A cashmere-mix overcoat is a solid investment
Image: Camel Cashmere-Mix Coat from Samuel Windsor

If you’re looking for a winter all-rounder, this is the coat you need – a classic three-quarter length wool-cashmere blend. This gent’s wardrobe staple is single-breasted and features generous lapels, flap pockets and breast pocket. Wear yours to work or throw it on over your jeans and jumper – this coat really does suit pretty much every occasion.

What you get with this design is no-nonsense styling, sensible length, and a slightly wider cut. Designed to wear over a suit or jacket without impinging on your freedom of movement, this topcoat is excellent for keeping you warm and comfortable when you’re out and about during the colder months.

If you’re looking for something just that little bit more luxurious, a wool-cashmere blend coat is just the ticket. Soft, warm, and hardwearing, go for one with a contrasting lining to add a real touch of class.

5: Men’s car coat

Olive car coat from Samuel Windsor

The car coat is soft, comfortable, and perfect for running weekend errands
Image: Olive car coat from Samuel Windsor

Looking for a casual coat you can grab and go? The car coat is the answer – a menswear classic from the days when motoring was a hood down affair, this is the perfect way to keep warm and dry when you’re out and about at the weekend. From doing the shopping to walking the dog, a car coat has you covered.

Features include the original storm flap designed to stop the buffeting wind from penetrating the zip, and a wool-lined collar to keep you toasty when it’s cold outside. You also get outside and inside pockets and the showerproof fabric protects you from unanticipated rain showers.

An excellent choice for casual use, wear your car coat with a rugged fisherman’s sweater, jeans and leather boots.

These five coats will help you stay warm and comfortable this winter, and with the right gloves and scarf you’ll be the envy of all the lesser-dressed men out there.

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