4 weird words of menswear

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Did you know…

The other day a member of staff was talking about gimps, and the less informed among us couldn’t stop laughing.

So, what is a gimp? And what are several other odd phrases that get batted around the office and the world of menswear.

Here are weird words you might not know…

1. Gimp

It may sound like an odd word, and fans of Pulp Fiction will be aware of its other connotations. But in the world of clothing, it is a stiff cord to add strength to a thread of a garment.

On dresses it is often used as trimming and it is also used for an outline pattern. Such as on a handkerchief, a tie or a piece of embroidery on a jacket.

So whether you like monograms on clothes or not, remember that there could be a gimp thread somewhere in the lettering.

2. Placket

Without a placket, you would be hard pressed to wear a lot of your clothes.

For the placket is the piece of fabric at the opening of mens trousers, necks and shirts. It keeps the buttons and fasteners attached to the garment on most occasions, but is sometimes just decorative.

3. Yoke

Not the eggy kind. This is a piece of cloth on the back of s shirt around the shoulders and neck.

Getting the right yoke, will give you a good fit. Not all yokes are the same, as not all shoulders or necks are the same.

A single yoke is the most common, but a split yoke will feature four pieces of fabric stitched together. This gives a better fit as the extra cloth takes into account the individual’s body shape better than a single yoke.

4. Jets

RAF enthusiasts, calm down. A jet is the small piece of fabric that finishes off the pockets on your jacket.

On shorts and casual trousers, the pockets are created by folding over the fabric. But this would look scruffy on a suit jacket or blazer. So instead the piece of fabric, or jet, is used.

Time for super technical talk. The vilene interlining of a pocket jet gives a pocket stability, as well as a straight edge. So as well as giving it a neat finish, a jet also holds the pocket together in the right shape.

Final word…

There are many terms we may have missed, so if you can think of any more let us know. But for goodness sake stop giggling at gimp!

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