4 Menswear trends to avoid


going to work in pyjamas

Going to work in your pyjamas? You can do better than this…
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For every great fashion look, there’s an absolute clanger to match. Whether it’s jogging pants you can’t exercise in, or a Tuxedo that doubles up as a tracksuit, there are some pretty wacky fashion statements being made right now.

From business wear to leisurewear, all the way to… well, we’ll let you decide how you’d categorise our last choice. Here’s a look at some of the not-so-great men’s style ideas that really need to be relegated to the bargain bin.

1 – Suits you sir..?

Choosing a quality linen suit and shirt can be difficult, with so many styles and colours to choose from.  It seems Jesse Herzog believes in taking out all the choice and just going for ease and speed. His invention, the Suitsy, is targeted at the businessman who appreciates “class, convenience and comfort”.

At first glance, it’s an ordinary suit worn over a white shirt. But the sleeves underneath the jacket cuffs go nowhere, and the front of the shirt is attached to the jacket. There’s also a zipper that runs from the neck to the fly. Herzog says he wore it to a rehearsal dinner for his wedding and nobody noticed. Or were too polite to say anything.

Blogger Greg Ferenstein also experimented with wearing the Suitsy in an office in San Francisco. He did his shopping, held business meetings, and went out drinking in it. He claims nobody suspected it wasn’t the real thing, but conceded it might be because San Fran is the home of “weird attire” and his colleagues were just “unfazed”.

It definitely divides opinion. Tim at Sickchirpse says it’s not so bad; your shirt will never come untucked, you’ll never overheat and using the convenience is… convenient, because the zip is handily placed. John Jannuzzi at GQ reckons you should stop being lazy, and just buy a proper tailored suit. Other more dramatic naysayers suggest its very invention heralds “the end of western civilization”

2 – Athleisure gets the runaround

Unbearable”, “Incredibly stupid” and “Ridiculously nonsensical”. Just a few of the statements used to describe the modern “cozy-boy” trend known as Athleisure.

Steve Dool at Complex.com explains exactly what it is, for the uninitiated:

“It’s clothing that takes inspiration from performance gear and activewear, but isn’t actually intended to perform or to allow for any strenuous activity”

A key element of Athleisure is tailored tracksuit trousers – think of chinos with a cuffed elastic hem. Essentially, these are jogging pants you can’t go jogging in. Sam Diss, writing at Fashionbeans tells us that this trend was started with:

“…those awful people who like to go to the gym before work, and stumble into the office in a mismatched getup consisting part gym wear, part standard office attire.”

If you want to incorporate sporty elements into your wardrobe without getting involved with Athleisure, then Diss offers a nugget of style advice. He suggests pairing a crew neck fleece with a bomber jacket in a different fabric, such as nylon. It’s a versatile, cross-seasonal look; the crew neck top can also be layered with a longer overcoat in the colder months.

3 – Stay on the right side of the Traxedo

Sold on the athleisure concept but still want to try to look smart? Cast your eyes over the Traxedo. Perfect for those moments when you want to blend in with the boardroom bunch, but with the comfort and safety of drawstring trousers.

The Traxedo has a zip-fronted jacket with a bow tie conveniently attached. The trousers also have the traditional satin stripe, but the whole thing is made from 100% Polyester. This means that as well as looking ridiculous, you’ll be sweating buckets too.

Techmash reckon that the Traxedo will change how people view tracksuits, turning them from something down-market into an outfit for “making lounging around a black tie event”.

Deanna Kim at complex.com is less equivocal, describing the Traxedo as “cringeworthy”. She goes on to say that it’s the perfect outfit for the man who values extreme comfort over personal dignity”.

4 – We (don’t) like short shorts

We’ve saved the most… interesting… until last. Crochet shorts are nothing new. Top Crochet Patterns says that this type of garment has been around since the 1930s. You can even still pick up original patterns for them on eBay. The original styles and colours are a little more sedate than the modern version, but the end result is the same.

Creator of the latest version of the garment, Schuyler Ellers of Lord Von Schmitt, has designed dazzlingly patterned, eco-friendly legwear. They’re all made from recycled Afghan blankets, giving the finished shorts a true 1970s feel.

The ethos is sound, the colours are loud, and the styles leave little to the imagination. Ellers also makes full length pants, and a Capri style trouser too. Perfect if you want to look like Audrey Hepburn with a beard.

What fashion faux pas have you come across? Whether it’s ill-advised pyjamas or sportswear for shirkers, tell us about them on our Facebook page. It’s good to share!

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