12 magnificent mum’s blogs (good for dads too!)

mummy blog

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Mum and child, blogging together!

Being a parent is different for everyone. It’s an incredible experience. But, let’s face it, motherhood is a bit of a mystery from the outside. What is it like to be a mum?

You might be a dad yourself, looking to understand your baby mama better, or even a grandad. Maybe you’re just curious to how the other half lives. But, while we’d all like mind-reading powers a la Mel Gibson in the movie “What Women Want”, there is another way to get a glimpse into the parenting minds of the opposite sex: mummy blogs.

We’ve explored the internet – hunter, gatherer style – and returned with 12 of the best mummy blogs to introduce you to the best and the boldest voices in the mummy blogosphere.

Honest Mum

honest mum

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Vicki’s got honest mum hustle

Honest Mum Vicki Psarias calls herself a “Mother Hustler”. Her reasoning? You’ve got to be tough and brave to be a parent AND an adult with passion and goals. You gotta have hustle.

Mum to Oliver and Alexander, blogger-extraordinaire and an award-winning TV director and filmmaker, Vicki knows what she’s talking about when it comes to juggling life and parenting.

Vicki took to blogging in 2010 after the birth of her first child to talk about her tough birth experiences. Today, her blog is about a huge range of topics, such as French food porn at the Cannes Film Festival, coming out as a “Belieber” at 35, and how to raise your child the “Greek” way.

A Mother’s Ramblings

mothers ramblings

Image source: amothersramblings.com
Pippa: Dr Pepper loving storyteller

Self-proclaimed sock addict and stay-at-home mum, Pippa Wright, is a storyteller at heart. Through her blog she shares tales of life with her family–“Daddy”, “Top Ender” and “Big Boy”.

She bravely blogs about difficult issues like her son’s Type 1 diabetes diagnosis. But she always balances the serious with lashings of good humour. Her post on having a TV stalker is one of her most popular.

Her message? Have fun, see the good – and drink lots of Dr Pepper. Her love affair with Dr Pepper has lasted longer than her relationship with her husband!

Mummy of 2+1

mummy of 2+1

Image source: mummy of 2+1
Tami’s family just added a plus one

When she became a mum again for the second time, and her first born was headed for school, Tami Anderson took to the blogosphere to talk about her experiences.

But the fun didn’t stop there, finding out she was pregnant for a third time not long after that; surprise! Anyone out there know what that’s like?

Giveaways and reviews are a big part of her blog now. As are fun tips, like how to save money (and the planet) by not flushing too much and how to slay invisible monsters when you’re online.

The Gingerbread House

Image source: gingerbread-house.co.uk Jenny: building more lego than gingerbread houses

Image source: the-gingerbread-house.co.uk
Jenny: building more lego than gingerbread houses

Londoner Jenny Kearney and her husband are AFOLs (Adult Fans of Lego) so having kids is pretty fun for them.

Her blog is stuffed with great Lego crafts for parents and children. Not to mention five reasons to go to Legoland–just in case your significant other needs convincing.

Crafty by nature, Jenny’s blog has tons of creative, fun ideas and projects for kids that are ideal for school holidays. Our favourites? The Star Wars-themed ones. Who wouldn’t want to make a C-3P0 from a cardboard box?


mummy constant

Image source: mummyconstant.com
Sonia’s the matriarch of the Constant clan

It’s raining outside and you’ve got two kids to entertain, what do you do? Sonia Constant’s answer: make an epic den in the living room.

MummyConstant is part-family diary, part-advice column, and part-review site. Whether it’s answering the age-old question “is bigger better?” (when it comes to tablet devices, of course), or proclaiming her deep, abiding love of the Domino’s garlic and herb dip, she writes about it all.

As an added bonus, Sonia is a budding photographer, so this blog is stunning to look at.

Not My Year Off

not my year off

Image source: notmyyearoff.com
Tas was wrong about maternity leave being a year off…

Initially thinking that maternity leave would be a year off work, new mum, Tas quickly realised her mistake–but kept the idea for the name of her blog.

Now an exhausted but happy mum of two, Tas knows better:

“If I manage to get out and about during the week, as well as cook, clean and look after myself then that is a major achievement.”

Whether it’s her obsession with poo, the importance of “us time” for parents (read: a night out with great food), or her plan to be the Augustus Gloop of cake, Tas chats about the ups and downs on her journey through parenthood.

Mama Mummy Mum

Mama, Mummy, Mum

Image source: mamamummymum.co.uk/
Chantelle: Mama, Mummy, Mum and more to her four girls

Outnumbered by ladies at home? Chantelle Hazelden’s husband (Mr Mama Mummy Mum) knows how you feel; he’s outnumbered five-to-one by his beautiful wife and daughters.

Chantelle is your source on the inside. She’s got the scoop on what women really want for Valentine’s Day (hint: it’s not lingerie). And what a bum tattoo really means.

Chantelle saves you the boredom of finding a great kid-proof, waterproof iPad case. She rescues you from the drudgery of finding out whether Disney’s latest CD is fit for adult ears and whether the Chicken Dance lives up to the hype. For all this and more, Chantelle’s got you covered.

Attachment Mummy

attachment mummy

Image source: attachmentmummy.com/
Leta’s got all the parenting tips and tricks

Listen up, new dads–Leta Elliott’s got the rundown on how to make the most of shared parental leave (hint: napping). And if you decide not to go back to the office, she’s got the skinny on how to make money as a stay-at-home parent too.

Leta’s a fountain of advice, but her story starts when she was adopted as a baby.

Today she opens up about her experiences as a mum to three girls of her own, her nostalgia for 1970s summers, and parent-friendly (aka gin-based) cocktail recipes.

Sparkles & Stretchmarks

sparkles and stretchmarks

Image source: sparklesandstretchmarks.com/
Three under three! Hayley’s advice is invaluable

Is your family rapidly expanding? Mum to three boys under three, Hayley McLean knows how you feel. That’s why you’ll love her posts, like “Five Teething Lifesavers”, and four reasons it’s okay to dream about moving to Australia.

She’s unafraid to talk about the tricky issues, like living with anxiety, the choice not to get married, and – of course – what to get mums on Mother’s Day to really show you care.

And for those looking for a daddy perspective, the His and Hers posts she writes with her partner Jon, plus guest posts from other daddy bloggers, really hit the spot.

Mummy Daddy Me

mummy daddy me

Image source: mummydaddyandmemakesthree.co.uk
Katie’s family are picture perfect

OMG we are having a baby” was Katie Ellison’s reaction to finding out she was pregnant for the first time. Fast forward a few years and she’s now mum to two girls, with a little boy on the way.

Her blog, consistently voted one of the best in the UK, is a record of her family life, documenting holidays, to places like England’s Smallest City, lazy days, and everything in between.

Photography buffs will love Katie’s bright, beautiful pics on the blog. And social media nuts should check out her Instagram, which the Daily Mail dubbed one of the top 10 accounts parents should be following in the UK.

And 1 More Means Four Five

one more means five

Image source: and1moremeansfour.blogspot.co.uk
Five kids is probably the upper limit for Amy

Currently studying for her degree in journalism, alongside being a mum to five and playing the euphonium in a brass band, Amy Sheridan is no stranger to chaos.

Amy covers a huge range of topics in her blog, such as her love of Match of the Day, venting about skinny jeans for kids and why sometimes “a good banging just doesn’t sort the problem.”

A feisty, cheeky blogger, Amy also tackles serious personal issues, like childhood deafness.

Mama’s Haven

mamas haven

Image source: https://mamashaven.com
Oana’s blog is a parent’s haven

Romanian by birth, Greek by marriage, and blogger by necessity, Oana (pronounced “Wana”) Papaconstantinou  started blogging as a way to deal with her grief over losing her son, George.

An inspiring read, Oana’s blog is truly a haven. Her post “Dear Georgie”, a list of 100 things she would have liked her son to experience, is both heart-wrenching and wry, listing such things as liquid soap, ripe tomatoes, and being spoilt rotten by his sister.

Last year’s best parenting blog, according to Blog Edge, Oana has plenty of “wisdom nuggets” to share.

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