10 things older men do better

Two mature men playing chess in the open air

With age comes wisdom
Image source: Olena Yakobchuk

There are plenty of things that older men do better than younger guys. It turns out that not everything goes south once you hit forty. In fact, there are some aspects of life at which the more mature man excels. Feel a little long in the tooth? Here are ten of our favourite reasons to be cheerful.

1. Boogie nights

Man standing with a glitter ball in a grey room

Dance like there’s no-one watching
Image source: LightField Studios

Teenage kids? Observe their howls of anguish as you take to the dance floor. No they don’t like it, but they must learn to endure. And as for you, well, you had the moves down when you were twenty, and so what if you’ve gained a few pounds here and there? There’s only one way to respond to the Bee Gees, and that’s to strut. And while you’re ‘Stayin’ Alive’, your offspring will be dying of embarrassment. Relish the moment.

2. Wearing facial hair

Man with a grey beard and hair sitting on a kitchen table with a laptop

Well groomed facial hair lends the older gent a distinguished air
Image source: goodluz

During the First World War, young officers grew moustaches to appear older before the men in their command, but sadly, the effect was only to highlight their tragically tender years. Today’s youth loves facial hair, but in the young it’s an affectation. As an older man, your grey-flecked moustache looks like it belongs.

3. You rock corduroy

Cord Jacket in dark olive from Samuel Windsor

Cord looks better with age
Image source: Cord Jacket in dark olive from Samuel Windsor

The young can’t match the over forties for carrying off cord with style and aplomb. Who knows why? Maybe it’s the slightly lived in look of cord trousers, or the unpretentiousness of a mens cord jacket. Cord is a fabric that says you’re comfortable in your own skin. It’s a quality that only comes with time and experience, both of which now apply to you.

4. Road holding

Dashboard of a car with a man's hand on the wheel

Experience is just as valuable as reflexes
Image source: Mr.Exen

There’s a reason why young men pay such staggering insurance premiums during their first years on the road. Putting all that surplus testosterone behind the wheel of a car is a recipe for disaster, but now you’re a little older, things have calmed down a bit. You tell yourself you still have the reactions of a lynx, but the fact is you don’t need them – you’re a sensible driver now.

5. Submitting to fate

Man playing with his grandson with kids toys

Take time to enjoy simple pleasures
Image source: VGstockstudio

The young are bright-eyed and optimistic – and they need to be for the struggles that lie ahead. You know better than to expect life to be a bed of roses – sometimes you’re on the up, sometimes life throws you a curveball. Experience teaches you to take things as they come and enjoy the good times while you can.

6. Sporting headgear

Handmade Panama hat from Samuel Windsor

A quality hat lends style and gravitas
Image source: Handmade Panama hat from Samuel Windsor

Ever noticed how when young people attempt to wear a ‘grown up’ hat, they look like extras from Bugsy Malone? That’s because, though the youth look great in baseball caps and beanies, it takes a certain gravitas to pull off a proper hat. Over forty? Time for a linen suit and a Panama hat this summer. Feeling the winter chill? A trilby or fedora is the way to go. Grown up hats are for grown ups.

7. Taste

man sitting in a leather armchair with a cigar and a glass of whiskey

Mature men know how to enjoy the finer things in life
Image source: Nejron Photo

When young blokes buy wine at the supermarket, they take two factors into consideration – the price and the alcohol content. But you – you turn the bottle to read the label on the back. It’s a sign that you’re getting older. Things like enjoying your Roquefort with a fine Sauternes matter. The same goes for your choice of single malt, your cigars, your clothing, your everything. Getting older is about appreciating the finer things.

8. Moderation

A good evening out doesn’t always need to involve the pub
Image source: Anna Jurkovska

Now that you’re over forty, you know and respect all your limits. It’s not that you don’t enjoy the occasional blowout, just that you don’t make a habit of it. Some might say your party days are over, but you know there are more ways to have a good time than by over-indulging. Fine dining, great music, the theatre – these are great ways to enjoy an evening out and still wake feeling fresh as a daisy in the morning.

9. Not sweating the small stuff

Man wearing glasses looking confident

Let the small stuff go
Image source: Rido

Can you even remember the last time something really got your goat? Now you’re older, you can afford to relax – it doesn’t matter, don’t worry – these are your new watch words. Leave stressing to the young. You make the most of every situation, and you try not to raise a sweat – plus it’s bad for your blood pressure.

10. Joining the country set

Samuel Windsor tweed long coat - Wicken

Celebrate your sense of presence in tweed
Image source: Samuel Windsor tweed long coat – Wicken

Have you noticed how good you look in a tweed suit? No? Next time you decide to sport your Harris jacket to a golf club do or evening at the theatre, check yourself out in the mirror. See how well that natural hued, rugged wool fabric suits your over forty self? There are many compensations that come with the march of time. Distinguished good looks are the making of tweed.

From driving to wearing a moustache, there are plenty of things that older men do better than their younger counterparts. We’d love to hear from you. Come over to our Facebook page and tell us what you think…

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