10 magnificent mum blogs (and good for dads too!)

Mother and daughter on their laptop

What’s parenting like from a mum’s perspective?
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Single dad? Part-time dad? New step-father? Stay-at-home dad? Are you a father looking for top tips that cross the gender boundary? Solid parenting advice is just that – no matter what gender parent provides it. These bloggers don’t just talk to mums. They talk to parents. For a different perspective on raising kids, here are some of the most informative, inspiring and entertaining mum bloggers to bookmark for those days when you’re stuck for a new idea…

Mummy Constant

Bedroom decorated in grey and white

Check out this incredible master bedroom makeover
Image: Mummy Constant

Have you been tasked with a bedroom makeover? No matter how unpromising the canvas, you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve with a colour palette that works, flooring that adds to the ambience, and just a few inspired furniture choices. Unconvinced? Take a look at what Sonia of Mummy Constant managed to achieve in her master bedroom.

Your go-to source for family stuff, fitness, lifestyle, travel and more, Mummy Constant offers practical help and advice on everything from getting pet stains out of carpets to an awesome walking route in the Peak District for staycationing families.

A Mother’s Ramblings

Full English breakfast on a plate

Breakfast for dinner is a firm favourite in Pippa’s household
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Wondering what to have for tea? “Breakfast for dinner is the best,” says Pippa from A Mother’s Ramblings. On this occasion, a long weekend beckons, so it’s a case of “extra hash browns, extra sausages and extra bacon. And extra eggs and extra toast. And a really large glass of orange juice.

As well as providing oodles of meal ideas through her ‘what we are eating’ thread, Pippa charts family life in a humorous, fun-packed way. Are your kids keen to get a Saturday job? Pippa wasn’t sure, but as she says: “The fact that she thought to apply, that she thought to prepare, that she thought to look her best for the interview, that she thought to even look for a job? It blows my mind.” What’s your take on part-time work for teens?

Mama Mummy Mum

Mother and daughter reading in a bed

Great reads for Mums, Dads and children
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If you’re looking for a book you can read to your kids and enjoy yourself, Chantelle, or Mama Mummy Mum, has found a historic fantasy novel you’ll love: The Midnight Guardians by Ross Montgomery. Chantelle says: “This book makes me think of Narnia and it’s a great mix of real life (the Blitz) and fantasy. It’s a book that holds so much within it: Hope, humour and a heartfelt story.

A book reviewer par excellence, Chantelle gives you her honest opinion on all the latest reads. Struggling to find a book for a teen? Chantelle’s daughter recommends the time travel novel, Rewind by Carolyn O’Doherty: “If you like crime, or just tales about rebelling against the system, this is for you! Rewind will have you turning the pages until the very last one.”

Attachment Mummy

Family of 5 portrait from Attachment Mummy

Leta, husband Steve and their three girls – all homeschooled
Image: Attachment Mummy

Nature walks and explorations are an ideal way to spend fun quality time together as a family and to help your children develop an appreciation for the natural world,” says Leta of Attachment Mummy. But how do you make sure kids get the most out of their experience? By planning your outing – which is where Leta’s handy guide to nature walks kids will love, comes in.

A cornucopia of resources for parents, Attachment Mummy is especially relevant if you’re one of the many parents who has recently found themselves knee-deep in their children’s education. With three little girls who are educated at home, Leta and husband Steve have lots of useful advice when you need to support your children’s learning, homework and school projects. Looking for help with STEM subjects? Leta has some great tips.

Sparkles & Stretchmarks

Family of 3 walking through some woodland

Hayley is a “30-something mummy to 3 little ones who were all born within a 3 year period”
Image: Sparkles & Stretchmarks

You can give your home unique wow factor by paying attention to the features others overlook, says mum of three, Hayley of Sparkles & Stretchmarks. Things like the stairs, the taps, the radiators and the little nooks and crannies around the home all get a mention in Hayley’s excellent blog post.

Hayley blogs about family life, home schooling, mental health and much more besides. A fun and informative read, you’ll love her tips on family budgeting. Self employed? Try sending all your income to your savings account, then paying yourself a weekly wage.

Katie Ellison

Little boy and girl digging on a beach with St Ives in the distance

Discover the best places for a family to explore in Cornwall
Image: Simon T May/Shutterstock

Are you having one of those days? If the best way to describe how you feel is “meh”, mum-of-three Katie has just the thing to pep you and your family up: a home comforts feast of turkey, spinach, and pine nut pasta. Sound tasty? You must check out Katie’s YouTube channel – she posts regularly about the delicious meals she prepares for her family.

A lady who loves to travel, Katie Ellison used to work in online marketing for the travel industry, but now, you’ll find loads of useful family travel info courtesy of her blog. Thinking of taking a trip to Cornwall? Take a look at Katie’s video report on her family visit to the county. She says, “the weather forecast is always wrong,” but that doesn’t stop the Ellison family having a great time.

Actually Mummy

Portrait of Helen from Actually Mummy against a teal backdrop

Actually Mummy’s Helen is far cooler than she used to be
Image: Actually Mummy

To help her kids to understand racial injustice from their perspective as white teenagers, Helen Wills of Actually Mummy has been on the hunt for TV shows that educate while they entertain. Interested? From ‘Dear White People’ to ‘The Hate U Give’, this savvy blogger uncovers the most thought-provoking content available from streaming services today.

A mum who says she’s “much cooler at 50 than she was at 15,” Helen has learned much from her parenting journey. Her blog gives parents the lowdown on important issues like teenage mental health, which she discusses on her popular podcast, Teenage Kicks. Looking for some bitesize mental health hacks to support teens? You’ve come to the right place.

Boo Roo and Tigger Too

Two little kids gardening in green tshirts

Sarah has just the advice you need to get kids interested in gardening
Image: Boo Roo and Tigger Too

If you’re looking for advice on how to get your children interested in gardening, Sarah of Boo Roo and Tigger Too offers some excellent tips to help you do just that. She says: “If you want to keep your kids engaged in a garden, make it [their] own right from the start. Let your children name the garden, and build a sign near the plot to position it in the soil.

When you’ve finished helping your kids plant their first garden, perhaps it’s time to settle down with a good book? Little ones will love The Disgusting Sandwich by Gareth Edwards: “A gloriously yucky story, with a wicked twist in the tale.” Boo Roo and Tigger Too is fun, informative, and never takes itself too seriously.

Slummy Single Mummy

Incredible Hulk ice cream sandwich

Make your own Incredible Hulk ice cream sandwiches
Image: Slummy Single Mummy

Anyone for Incredible Hulk ice cream sandwiches? Slummy Single Mummy made the ice cream from scratch, but you don’t need to: “If you wanted to shortcut then you could easily use shop-bought mint choc chip ice cream for a similar effect and just make your own green cookies.” If you’d like to have a crack at the real thing, do check out the recipe.

Jo, the creator of Slummy Single Mummy has a background in journalism, and now covers everything from parenting and her own teenage pregnancy experiences, to pensions and UK mini breaks. Looking for a good read? Do check out Jo’s debut novel, ‘Playgroups and Prosecco’, published by Penguin.

Twins, Tantrums and Cold Coffee

Family portrait of Helen and her three children

Helen’s twins and older brother have birthdays just three days apart
Image: Twins, Tantrums and Cold Coffee

It looks as though UK-based holidays are set to remain popular with families for the foreseeable future, says mum-of-three toddlers, Helen Copson. With this in mind, you’ll find her 10 top family holidays for families with young children, interesting reading. Her favourite? Glynn Barton in Cornwall, which she says is “as good as it gets.” Check out Helen’s post to find out why.

As a former Deputy News Editor for the Plymouth Herald, you know you can expect good writing when you visit Twins, Tantrums and Cold Coffee – and that’s just what you’ll get. Helen says “Life got a little bit hectic in June 2017 when I had twins just two days before my toddler’s second birthday.” Made of stern stuff, find out how she manages her boys’ birthday parties.

We hope you enjoyed our pick of some of the best mum blogs we’ve found so far. Is there a great parenting blog we haven’t mentioned? Please leave us a message via our Facebook page and we’ll try to include it in a future roundup.

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