Why linen works in warm weather


Whether its a suit, blazer or short sleeved shirt – linen is the way to go when the temperature rises.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

If the mere sight of summer sun is enough to send you in search of the air-con button, it’s time you discovered the virtues of linen. In fact, everyone who likes to look dapper when all about them swelter should make a point of adding linen to their summer wardrobe. Here’s why linen keeps you cool, and how to wear it with confidence.Continue reading

How to dress like Gareth Southgate


Southgate has brought his own signature style to the beautiful game.
Image source: Антон Зайцев (soccer.ru) [CC BY-SA 3.0] GFDL [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

If only being a dapper dresser was enough to get us to the World Cup final in Russia, Gareth Southgate would surely assure us of victory. Here we take a look at what drives this most meticulous of England managers, and reveal how you can show your support for England’s young Lions by dressing to impress – Southgate style.Continue reading

What to wear to Wimbledon


The dress code may have been relaxed, but VIP access still requires a jacket and tie.
Image source: Yann Renou

Lewis Hamilton should have known better than to turn up at Wimbledon, in 2015, without his jacket and tie. You don’t get into the Royal box without looking your regal best, and he was rightly sent packing.

You may not have tickets to sit with the royals or join the execs and celebs in the members’ enclosure, but it’s still best to look like you could rub shoulders with the VIPs and hold your own. Here’s what to wear to Wimbledon.
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