Ultimate guide to men’s summer suede shoes

Men's summer trainers from Samuel Windsor in grey, blue and tan suede

Suede takes casual men’s summer shoes to a new level
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Suede and nubuck shoes offer an excellent alternative to leather, lifting the tone of your smart-casual wardrobe and lending dapper dressers a stylish touch of texture and flamboyance. Here are some of our most popular summer suede shoes along with handy style tips on how to wear them…
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Men’s guide to lightweight summer clothing

Seersucker jacket in coral from Samuel Windsor

Smart tailoring doesn’t need to make you feel hot under the collar
Image source: Seersucker jacket in coral from Samuel Windsor

If you’re a fellow who likes to keep his cool while all about are losing theirs, then you’ll need some threads to help with climate control. Lightweight fabrics afford you the same smart look as regular clothes, but provide better air circulation so that, when the mercury climbs, you’re able to carry on without breaking a sweat. Here’s our guide to men’s lightweight clothing.
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