Men’s guide to lightweight summer clothing

Seersucker jacket in coral from Samuel Windsor

Smart tailoring doesn’t need to make you feel hot under the collar
Image source: Seersucker jacket in coral from Samuel Windsor

If you’re a fellow who likes to keep his cool while all about are losing theirs, then you’ll need some threads to help with climate control. Lightweight fabrics afford you the same smart look as regular clothes, but provide better air circulation so that, when the mercury climbs, you’re able to carry on without breaking a sweat. Here’s our guide to men’s lightweight clothing.
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WIN a sensational summer shirt

Nothing helps a fellow keep his cool like a short-sleeved summer shirt. But which of our sizzling styles is your go-to favourite? Are you team ‘checks’, or team ‘stripes’? For a chance to win, all you have to do is vote for the one you like best…
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Complete guide to men’s deck shoes

Deck shoes from Samuel Windsor

Deck shoes are a stylish choice for summer
Image source: Samuel Windsor

If you’re a yachtsman, you’ll know the value of a decent pair of deck or boat shoes, but this versatile footwear is suitable for a much wider variety of summer activities than just sailing. To help you get the most from them, here’s our complete guide to men’s deck shoes – everything you need to know about looking great on and off the water.
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