How to choose an autumn coat

Keep warm in style this autumn.

Keep warm in style this autumn.
Image source: Samuel Windsor

As summer subsides, it’s time to start thinking about the cooler weather of the coming months. We know it’s tempting to make a grab for your trusty old threadbare raincoat, but take a quick look at our guide to choosing an autumn jacket to make sure you don’t compromise on style, warmth or comfort.
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Best of the box this autumn

Autumn's all about warm slippers and great TV

Autumn’s all about warm slippers and great TV
Image source: Shutterstock

As the nights draw in, no doubt you’re looking forward to spending the autumn evenings on your favourite hobbies. But when you tire of fly-tying, origami, and the driving range, you might find yourself wondering what’s on the box. Here to help as you bung on your loungewear and comfy new slippers for a night in front of the telly, is our guide to the best things to watch this season.
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How shoe leather is tanned

Vegetable tanned leather ready to be crafted.
Image source: benedix

Have you ever wondered why one pair of shoes lasts and lasts, while another falls to pieces as soon as it’s introduced to the first seriously wet day of autumn? Clearly not all leather is created equal. But how do you tell the difference between quality shoe leather and its poor relation? The answer? It’s all about the tanning.
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