19 things to take to uni

19 things to take to uni that you might not have thought of

Heading off to uni for the first time? We’ve got you covered.
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Pack light for your first term at university, taking just the essentials to get you through your first few weeks. Clothes, bedding, stationery, basic cookware, and your toiletries are all you need, plus a few of your favourite things to help see off the homesick blues. There’s no point hauling everything bar the kitchen sink to your student digs – remember, university towns have shops too.

We asked some of our favourite student bloggers and YouTubers for their top tips for what to take to uni – those little extras that will make your new life a bit easier. We don’t suggest you pack all these items, but select the ones that seem most sensible to you.

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Men’s seasonal clothing guide

Samuel Windsor Mens Seasonal Clothing Guide - HeaderLook great and stay comfortable all year long with this seasonal guide to dressing for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Here, we show you how to choose fabrics, colours and styles to help you slip effortlessly from season to season. Continue reading

The art of layering all year round

Layering traps air between garments to keep you warm or cool

Layering traps air between garments to keep you warm or cool
Image source: Samuel Windsor

Wearing multiple layers of thin clothing minimises bulk and is an excellent way to insulate your body, helping to keep you cool when it’s warm, and warm when it’s cold. Layering works by trapping pockets of air within and between garments, so that neither the heat nor the cold penetrates. When the temperature rises, simply remove a layer of clothing; when it falls, put an extra layer on. Layering is a super simple way to stay comfortable and stylish whatever the weather. Here’s how to get it right…
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