The beginners’ guide to golf etiquette

Three golfing friends walking together along a fairway

Everything you need to know to be a well groomed and considerate golfer
Image: LightField Studio

New to golf? If you’re keen to make a good impression out on the fairway but are still a little unsure of the ins and outs of golf etiquette, we have the answers you’re looking for. We asked some of our favourite golf bloggers for their tips on how to play a polite, considerate, and well-groomed round of golf – this is what they said…

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The best of UK golf bloggers

Gold clubs and glove lying on the grass

Learn how to ‘tee off’ with these golf bloggers
Image: Tinny Photo

Have you caught the golf bug, or are you new to the game and looking for informative, fun, golf-related stuff to read, listen to and watch? We’ve trawled the internet for the best of all things golf. Here’s a selection of our favourites – the best of UK golf bloggers.

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