Summer shoes for men who hate sandals

Summer shoes for men who hate wearing sandals

Sandals aren’t the only shoes that work well with shorts.
Image source: Liv friis-larsen

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with feet per se, it’s simply that your particular pair look like the scaly claws of a long dead turkey. That’s what happens when you top the brow of the hill and begin your long descent into great age.

But if an invite to a barbecue, or a looming beach holiday sees you baulking at the idea of putting your scabrous trotters on view, here’s your answer – slip on summer shoes for men who hate sandals.
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How to get your feet ready for sandals

Don’t be too embarrassed to show your feet this summer.

Don’t be too embarrassed to show your feet this summer.
Image source: Simone Resca

If your toes look like the dessicated talons of a newly unwrapped mummy, don’t panic. With the right preparation, and a wise choice of footwear, it’s quite possible to look presentable in men’s sandals. Here’s how to tread the tricky terrain of sandal season with our four-step men’s guide to perfectly groomed feet and nails.
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What to wear to Lord’s

Get your glad rags on for a day at Lord’s.
Image source: Neil Mitchell

Nobody does stuffy like the British, and of all sporting institutions, the MCC must surely rank among the stuffiest of all. So much so that having taken the unusually bold step of issuing dress code cards, the 225-year-old institution nevertheless manages to make its models look like shabby waxwork dummies rescued from a cellar at Madame Tussauds; not even their trousers fit.

Should you be off to the cricket this summer, do read on – here we’ve interpreted the Lord’s dress code in such a way that you’ll be an oasis of understated sophistication in a sea of stuffed shirts.
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