Time for a handmade shoe moment?

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These days the world seems to spin faster. Everything needs doing yesterday.

It’s cyberspace this and ASAP that as we fiddle with our super fast gadgets and everything everywhere is just a little bit HECTIC! Except … if you’re wearing handmade shoes.

The embodiment of culture and calm, those lucky enough to wear mens handmade shoes have all the time in the world to savour life’s magic moments.

Drink coffee in a Parisian cafe

paris cafe girl Time for a handmade shoe moment?

Take time to enjoy coffee the Parisian way
Photo by Ilolab

Think sepia, think sophistication, drink fresh ground coffee in your handmade shoes and beret.

Sit en plien air in a cafe right out of 1950’s Paris, soak up the sounds and smells in the historic home of Bohemian lifestyle.

Play chess in the park

chess in park Time for a handmade shoe moment?

Play chess with strangers
Photo by Malias

Wearing trusty leather shoes and old school scarf, stroll to the park and enjoy a game of chess with an intriguing stranger.

In between long pensive pauses, quote Tolstoy and Nietzsche before decisively toppling the king. Checkmate.

Hang out in a classy jazz joint

jazz Time for a handmade shoe moment?

Mingle with the jazz crowd
Photo by Fabio Venni

Mingle with the jazz crowd and bathe in the sounds of Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday, as you tap the fine leather soles below your feet.

Escape from the outside world, settle with a stiff drink and bathe in the improvised sounds of musical free expression.

Enjoy a date on a boating lake

boating lake Time for a handmade shoe moment?

Serenade a beauty on a boating lake
Photo by Steve Webster

Serenade a beauty whilst bobbing gently on the ripples of a boating lake.

A sturdy pair of handmade shoes will help avoid any slip ups on this love lead adventure.

Watch a black and white film

old cinema Time for a handmade shoe moment?

Enjoy a classic black and white film
Photo by Bo Nielsen

Find a charming old cinema where you can hear the flicker of the projector and watch a black and white film.

The nostalgic motion pictures will remind you that good things are made to last.

Play guitar as the sun sets

play guitar Time for a handmade shoe moment?

Play guitar to the setting sun
Photo by Edward Murray

Whether you can play guitar or not, the last hour of sunlight is the perfect time to strum away.

With spectacular colours enhancing the horizon, the musical motions will ease the passage from day to night. Lovingly wrapped in handmade shoes, toes will tap in time.

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