Four stylish Samuel Windsor chaps

Four head turning looks 2 Four stylish Samuel Windsor chaps

So many shoes!

The world of social media is awash with fashionable folk.

From vintage shots on Instagram to entire Google+ communities, it isn’t hard to find a well dressed chap, strutting their stuff in the name of style.

After sorting through image after image of fashionable folk, we narrowed it down to these four stylish chaps, all sporting Samuel Windsor shoes.

Here are those head turning people.

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Look like a celeb for under £150

Look like a celeb Look like a celeb for under £150

Get the look…

You don’t need to let it all hang out to keep your cool this summer.

Take some inspiration from these A-Listers whose style is relaxed without being sloppy; comfortable without being slouchy. Swap your flip flops for mens brogues, your jeans for lightweight chinos and your t-shirt for a classic polo.

Read on and we’ll show you how to get their look for under £150.

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World Cup Manager Style

Wolrd cup manager style World Cup Manager Style

Image source: Score 88
Cesare Prandelli knows the score.

In case you haven’t noticed, the World Cup has started. We’re not talking strategic substitutions or tactical tricks. We’re talking style!

The main sartorial focus is on the players with their chiseled bodies, vast wardrobes and designer collaborations. But what about the managers?

Here is the good, the bad and the ugly of World Cup manager style.

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Should I wear a tie for…

For some they hang limp on a hanger, or are forgotten in a drawer somewhere. For others they take pride of place and are collected like stamps, butterflies or coins.

We are of course talking about ties.

Knowing how to wear a tie is one thing, but knowing when to wear one can be just as important.

Should I wear a tie for work?

Richard Branson cutting up a tie Should I wear a tie for...

Image source: The Fine Young Gentleman
A man who really doesn’t like ties

In our office we tend to stick with a smart casual style. For us this translates into brogues, chinos and a smart casual top half. There isn’t a tie in sight.

But if you are required to wear a tie, it needn’t be a boring one. Go for stripes, patterns or bright colours, if you can get away with it. Otherwise go for block colours that compliment the rest of your outfit.

Should I wear a tie for an interview?

how to dress for a job interview Should I wear a tie for...

Which tie would you pick?

There are three discernable types of interview, here are the rules for each.

Normal interview
Unless you are certain it’s a super relaxed environment, then wear a tie. It is better to turn up to an interview too smart, than too laid-back. Keep your tie and tie knot simple.

Video Interview
If you are applying for a job that requires video conference interview, then it largely depends on the employer. Looking smart is your main focus, so go for a shirt. But if you are unsure, wear a tie and play it safe.

Internal interview
Do you normally wear a tie in work? If the answer is no, you needn’t wear a tie. However, if you are going for an interview to a scarier, more senior part of the business, or another department entirely, then normal rules should apply.

Should I wear a tie to a wedding?

Men with beige linen suits and no tie at a wedding Should I wear a tie for...

Image source: Life and Other Turbulence
Does this look right? We think no.

Yes. The only exception to this should be if you are instructed not to by the couple. If there is a theme, then go with it. It it is normal wedding attire then remember, it isn’t your day, so dress as expected.

Try and keep your tie colour, and indeed suit, seasonal, but avoid white – it is too bold and will detract from the bride – and for the sake of peace, don’t let that happen.

Wedding trends often pay a big part, so do some research if you are really at a loss on what colour tie to wear.

Should I wear a tie casually?

Woollen ties Should I wear a tie for...

Blue for casual wear?

For a classic heritage look, a woollen tie is perfect. It isn’t too smart so you won’t be the one who has overdone the dress, instead you’ll simply look dashing! Wear with other heritage style items such as a tweed jacket, a tattersal shirt and Chelsea boots.

But keeping it casual with a silk tie is a lot harder. You could go for the scruffy look in a bid to de-smarten yourself, but if it’s a casual occasion, it would make more sense to skip the tie altogether.

Final word

In short, for interviews, work and casual wear there is plenty of opportunity to wear a tie. And for weddings, unless the bride says so, wear a tie and wear it subtly.

Would you wear meggings?

So what are meggings and why should you care?

Meggings are, quite simply, leggings for men. Once sported only by rockers or wrestlers – they are slowly but surely squeezing their way into mainstream men’s fashion.

Sure, oddbods Bieber and Brand are fans of this latest fashion fail. But now it seems Joe Bloggs digs them too. They are selling like hotcakes on the high street and it won’t be long before you have to decide – to megging or not to megging.

If you’re more mens brogues than spandex, this look probably isn’t for you. But if you enjoy pouring yourself into excruciatingly tight trousers, we’ll show you how real men do meggings.

1. Rob Stewart Would you wear meggings?

Image source: Hear Ya
Rod’s been rocking the megging for decades.

3. Russell Brand Would you wear meggings?

Image source: More Less Life
Russell Brand tying to make meggings + flip flops happen. It’s not.

8. gucci Would you wear meggings?

Image source: The Fashionisto
Meggings and florals for summer? Gucci thinks so.

2. Justin Bieber Would you wear meggings?

Image source: Crustula
Bieber favours the ‘need a nappy change’ variety.

 Would you wear meggings?

Image source: Who Is Drew
Try layering them under a male skirt (a mirt?) à la Givenchy.

10. Lenny Kravtiz Would you wear meggings?

Image source: Hey It’s Travis Jay
Not sure where Lenny Kravitz’s meggings end and the boots begin.

5. High heels Would you wear meggings?

Image source: Cagzilla
Meggings teamed with milettos. Classy.

7. sporty Would you wear meggings?

Image source: Calling A Spade A Spade
Say you’re going for “sports luxe”.

9. Giuliano Fujiwara Would you wear meggings?

Image source: The Fashionisto
We’re more concerned about these Giuliano Fujiwara shoes to be honest!

6. knitted Would you wear meggings?

Image source: VGL Men
And just in case you thought it would be over in winter…

The don’ts of spring

Spring is here! Well, kind of. And with the warmer days and renewed sense of national optimism comes the chance to wear a whole new selection of clothing.

But be warned, it’s not all plain sailing.

Here are the don’ts of spring.

Don’t be afraid of shorts

pink pastel chino shorts The donts of spring

Are you a fan of pink?

Us Brits are a curious bunch, just a glimmer of sun and we’re slapping on the suncream and firing up the BBQ. Many laugh at this, and only wait for the warmest of weather to wear spring and summer clothing. But we say, if you’re lucky enough for a smidgen of sunshine taken the opportunity to wear shorts!

If you’re worried about looking too casual, go for a pair of chino shorts. Opt for a bright shade and remind everyone the sun is shining. Still too casual? Plenty of stylish folk think short suits are the formal way forward.

Whatever shorts you go for, you can’t go wrong pairing them with lightweight brogues, a pair of suede gibsons or leather low cut deck shoes.

Don’t forget the sun is (meant to be) out

sun on a bridge comp The donts of spring

Image source: Flickr
How pretty!

Navy, black, grey are all colours of the darker months. They may be your favourite shade, but in all probability you have been wearing them for a few months non stop. So make a change.

Brighter colours may not be to everyone’s taste, but done well they can make a statement. For those who don’t want the bravado of red trousers or the intensity of emerald, there are other spring shades that are worth a try.

Try pastel shades of yellow, blue or pink. These work in both a formal and casual setting and give a subtle nod to the season.

If the sun isn’t out, well go for it anyway and brighten up the world with your clothes.

Don’t forget a belt

467112905 The donts of spring

You only need one

When it’s sunny, it is important to take precautions. Just by wearing a hat you can protect your eyes and skin.

There are many hats to choose from, but a baseball cap is best left for sports! For a sunny but crisp day opt for a tweed cap to keep you warm. When the mercury rises, pick a lightweight panama hat – perfect with shorts, light trousers and a number of jackets.

Don’t forget your hat

man in genuine panama hat The donts of spring

Image source: Flickr A sombrero Pintao

When it’s sunny, it is important to take precautions. Just by wearing a hat you can protect your eyes and skin.

There are many hats to choose from, but a baseball cap is best left for sports! For a sunny but crisp day opt for a tweed cap to keep you warm. When the mercury rises, pick a lightweight panama hat – perfect with shorts, light trousers and a number of jackets.

Final word

So with a spring in your step, a hat on your head and your knobbly knees on show, enjoy the change of season. You might want to keep an umbrella to hand though, just in case.

Are men’s brogues the new staple smart shoe?

Many men find their shoes as much a part of their work attire as their socks or shirt. But comfort often supersedes style, and all too often our work shoes become scruffy, and let’s be honest, a bit naff.

So what’s a stylish gent to do? We think brogues are the answer. Unfathomably more exciting than a dull pair of stock standard work shoes, brogues are the new choice for fashion conscious folk.

Let’s find out just where the brogue can help you out.


Groom getting ready Are mens brogues the new staple smart shoe?

Brogues for the blushing bride

Weddings, for many, are all about getting things ‘just so’. Colour schemes often feature heavily, and in some cases that means your standard black shoes won’t work.

Pastels are a wedding favourite, but such hues can be overpowered by clunky black details such as shoes. Instead you might want to try chocolate, tan or grey. Whilst these shades would work in other styles, the patterning of a brogue has enough razamatazz to show off for the occasion.

Classic black shoes such as an Oxford might have their place in a traditional wedding, but for showiness and flexibility a brogue is a much better option, especially in a contemporary setting.


Brogues and suit from clotheshorse Are mens brogues the new staple smart shoe?

Off to a meeting?
Source: Clotheshorse

In a sleepy daze before the morning commute, many men will lazily put on their work shoes, often treading the back down as they do. Mixing up what shoes you wear each day can stop this shoe destruction, not to mention transform your daily look.

Worried brogues are too casual for work? Today’s working environment is, on the whole, much more casual than it used to be. So unless you are a barrister, an army general or a true traditionalist, a brogue will do just fine.

If you do need to stick to a formal black shoe, make it a brogue. And if you want a different shade but need a more formal look, go for a brogue with less detailing, adding some style, without offending the dress code.


Brogues and Shorts NU Are mens brogues the new staple smart shoe?

One day the weather will get better!
Source: Lookbook

Where a plain old work shoe fails, a brogue succeeds. Though black Oxfords, Chelsea boots and Gibsons can all be won in a casual setting, nothing is a versatile as a pair of brogues.

For the colder months, wear a pair of brown brogues with navy some chinos and top with a warm peacoat. Perfect!

When, sorry, if summer comes, fashion aficionados could do worse than to team their shorts with a pair of low cut brogues. For slightly cooler days, they’ll also look great with chinos and a shirt.

In conclusion

You may well decide that your work shoes “will do” for other occasions, but for a pop of extra showiness and a whole lot of versatility, you’re best off going with brogues!

Super stylish over 60s

Forget everything you think you know about over 60s fashion. These suave gentlemen wouldn’t be seen dead in polyester knitwear and elasticated waists.

Instead they favour dapper mens brogues, quirky accessories and tailored suits. What’s not to love?

Time to be inspired by our super stylish over 60s…

Morgan Freeman, 76

Morgan Freeman2 Super stylish over 60s

Looking sharp in a single breasted suit
Source: Fashionisto

Karl Lagerfeld, 80

Karl Lagerfeld2 Super stylish over 60s

Take a classic and make it your own, à la Lagerfeld
Source: WuChicDo

Mick Jagger, 70

Mick Jagger2 Super stylish over 60s

Seventy in skinnies, silk and sequins!
Source: Rolling Stones Official Tumblr

Patrick Stewart, 73

Patrick Stewart2 Super stylish over 60s

A denim shirt keeps things casual
Source: Zimbio

Christopher Lee, 91

Christopher Lee2 Super stylish over 60s

We’re loving the bow tie
Source: PPOW

David Bowie, 67

David Bowie2 Super stylish over 60s

Laid back cool at it’s finest
Source: Pure People

Elton John, 66

Elton John2 Super stylish over 60s

Elton proves there’s no need to tame your style with age
Source: You’re Dripping Egg

Ian McKellen, 74

Ian McKellen2 Super stylish over 60s

McKellen knows it’s all in the details
Source: Jovin Bachwa

Michael Caine, 80

Michael Caine2 Super stylish over 60s

When in doubt, go back to black
Source: Celeb Fan

Pierce Brosnan, 60

Pierce Brosnan2 Super stylish over 60s

For a sports luxe look, look no further than Brosnan for inspiration
Source: MyLifestyleNews

Richard Gere, 64

Richard Gere2 Super stylish over 60s

You can’t go wrong with a tailored suit
Source: Because I’m Fabulous

Bryan Ferry, 68

Bryan Ferry2 Super stylish over 60s

Sequins in yours sixties? Why not!
Source: Wikimedia

Samuel L Jackson, 65

Samuel L Jackson2 Super stylish over 60s

We’re coveting this jumper/blazer hybrid
Source: Zimbio

Steven Tyler, 65

Steven Tyler2 Super stylish over 60s

And remember – always stick to your own personal style
Source: 7teen

How to wear men’s brogues

Stylish shoes are a necessity for any fashionable gent, and brogues are the masters of style. They’re the classically cool shoes worn by gangsters in the Untouchables, and celebrity cads like Jude Law.

Here’s all you need to know about brogues, including how to wear them:

Why were brogues born?

Wingtip tan brogue Samuel Windsor How to wear mens brogues

Looking good in leather

Brogues were originally intended for use on boggy landscapes, with perforations to allow water to seep out. These perforations have now become decorative and in general terms, a brogue shoe is a dress shoe with patterning.

Oxfords, Derbys, monk shoes and boots are all available in brogue styles with different closures and varying levels of decoration.

Wingtips are brogues with the decorations, or broguing, stretching across much of the shoe; forming a wing-like shape on the toe cap. Semi-brogues have the decorative pattern across the toe cap whereas quarter-brogues only have the pattern on the edges of the toe.

The traditional/formal way

Semi brogue tan Samuel Windsor How to wear mens brogues

An understated brogue

As mens brogues were used less for coping with the rigours of boggy land, they were finished to a higher standard and became a lot smarter. As a dress shoe, brogues go naturally well with a suit but if used for formal attire, it is important to keep them shiny.

Semi or quarter brogues are a much better option for formal dress as the more simplified style stops the outfit from becoming too casual. If the wearer is to opt for a full brogue, or wingtip, then it is important that the shoe is leather, and is single toned.

The modern/casual way

lightweight brogue black Samuel Windsor How to wear mens brogues

Stylish suede

The versatile nature of brogues means they are equally at home as part of a soft casual outfit, perhaps with some cotton chinos and a checked shirt. Slimmer fitting trousers that show a small bit of ankle also work well, as they show off the decorative nature of the shoe.

Suede brogues offer a much more casual look than their leather counterpart. But just like you would with a pair of suede chelsea boots, it is important to look after them. Scruffy suede just looks scruffy, not casually cool.

What to avoid

black and white platform brogues How to wear mens brogues

Even a vintage tint can’t make these look stylish
Source: We Heart It

Because brogues have become so popular for formal and casual styles, there isn’t a lot you can do wrong. But there are a few key points to consider.

Trousers that are quite baggy don’t work well with any dress shoe, and a brogue is no exception. Cargo trousers can be worn with brogues, but it is essential they aren’t too big; if they are, the wearer will look like they have tiny titsy feet.

As with anything to do with fashion, colours are important. Tan brogues go well with navy outfits, black brogue work well as part of work suit and for colourful brogues, try and coordinate with your accessories.

Famous brogue wearers

Jude law in brogues How to wear mens brogues

Following the Law of the brogue
Source: Liferecorded

Over time there have been some famous brogue wearers. Jack Nicholson, Robbie Williams and Jude Law are just a few famous folk who have donned the patterned footwear.

The most famous wearers of brogues are gangsters in wingtips. With a suit, a tommy gun and a bad attitude, they prove that even two tone wingtips can look good, if not a bit intimidating.

What are your top style tips for wearing brogues and what do you think should be avoided?

Brogues and other eternally stylish essentials

Some men play it too safe when it comes to fashion. Millions of us dress like the rest of the hordes shopping on the High Street.

Distinguished men should invest in a collection of eternally stylish essentials. Items that are resistant to temporary fads and give men that little bit of je ne sais quoi.


Brown Brogues Brogues and other eternally stylish essentials

Style for your soles
Source: Samuel Windsor

The shoes on your feet go a long way to making a positive impression wherever you go, so the foundations for style begin with a quality pair of shoes.

Sporting a vintage design bursting with character, brogues provide a sure-footed stance whatever the occasion.

Classic watch

Gold watch Brogues and other eternally stylish essentials

A classic gold watch
Source: Watch U Seek

A well-made gold or silver watch from a respected maker like Rolex, Omega or Tag Heuer will go with any outfit.

Don’t overdo it with something big and flash as this will dominate your look and present you as a poser. Rather, go for a classy medium-sized watch that plays a supporting role to the timeless style of the gentleman wearing it.

Bespoke suit

Bespoke Tailoring Brogues and other eternally stylish essentials

Bespoke tailoring for the stylish gent
Source: Saville Row Bespoke

Investing in a made-to-measure suit is always a wise choice.

There’s no excess or shortcomings as a quality fit sees to it that your arms, shoulders and chest are all well looked after.

It’s the epitome of a dapper look.


Adjusting cufflinks Brogues and other eternally stylish essentials

Good cufflinks show your attention to detail
Source: Amog

When you see a man adjusting his cufflinks, he’s inadvertently sending out a message that he takes pride in the way he looks. This man doesn’t overlook the small details.

Cufflinks come in all shapes and sizes and are made from different materials, but opt for a quality pair.

Quality endures and can really make a difference in the way you’re perceived.


Sunglasses Brogues and other eternally stylish essentials

Quality sunglasses for a stylish look
Source: Up There Store

You could buy a pair of shades for £1 if you wanted to – but don’t do it.

Invest in a quality pair that will last more than a week and will actually protect your eyes and prevent you from squinting.

But most importantly, find the style that suits you. Whether you’re spending the summer in La Côte d’Azur or the countryside of Cornwall, get acquainted with your signature shades before bringing out the convertible.


Frank Sinatra Trilby Hat Brogues and other eternally stylish essentials

Frank Sinatra’s signature trilby hat
Source: Weld for Birmingham

Old blue eyes, Frank Sinatra immortalized the trilby as an eternally stylish item and there are many super suave pictures of the man who did it his way.

When he wasn’t melting hearts with his voice, he was showing the world how to wear a hat. It remains one of the markers of an alternative, yet confident style.


Clark Gable Moustache Brogues and other eternally stylish essentials

Clark Gable’s famous moustache
Source: Spooool

Clark Gable, Salvador Dali and Tom Selleck are just a few of the distinguished men that are almost as famous as their moustaches. Growing one simply works for some men and elevates them to another level of style.

It’s seen as a very stylish accessory among the youth of today, but it is far from being faddish and has graced the thrones of many kings for throughout the centuries.

Long live the tash.